Adscend Media and Distil Networks to Host Webinar on Combating Ad Fraud

“Getting to Know Ad Fraud” Breaks Down Key Fraud Components, Empowering Attendees with Insights to Improve Campaign Performance and Fraud Defense

Leading rewards platform Adscend Media, and Distil Networks, the global leader in bot mitigation, announced that they will co-host a webinar on combating digital ad fraud, taking place on Wednesday, May 30th at 2:00 p.m. EDT. The webinar titled, “Getting to Know Ad Fraud” will provide an in-depth look at how ad fraud occurs, and strategies to minimize attacks that cost businesses $6.5 billion in losses in 2017.

“Ad fraud and waste put the stability of digital advertising as a channel at risk. When ads don’t get in front of real customers, it weakens trust in the effectiveness of the entire ecosystem, and hurts publishers, agencies, and brands alike,” said Reid Tatoris, VP of Product Outreach and Marketing at Distil Networks. “Our goal is to highlight the full extent of the problem, and give a straightforward set of actions based on real-world expertise.”

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Adscend Media and Distil Networks have over 15 years of combined fraud-fighting experience. According to Fehzan Ali, CEO and Co-Founder of Adscend Media, this extensive knowledge of the fraud landscape, paired with concerns around brand safety, the rise in bad bot traffic, and soaring ad fraud rates make this webinar a must-attend event for advertisers, publishers, and brands.

“At Adscend, we’ve delivered superior results for programmatic and rewards partners by vigilantly attacking fraud since our inception. Distil Networks, on the other hand, is a known leader in bot detection and mitigation. Thus, we’re able to discuss fraud from multiple angles, based on years of first-hand experience,” said Ali.

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The hour-long webinar will provide key takeaways around bots, ad waste, and fraud review, as well as actionable strategies to protect against digital ad fraud. A live question and answer panel will also take place. Participants will include: Jason Downie, SVP and General Manager, Data Solutions at Lotame, Andrew Cisek, VP of Audience Development at Freestar, Rob Rasko CEO at The 614 Group, alongside Tatoris and Ali.

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