AdTech Roundup: Top Things in Advertising Technology

Today’s AdTech Roundup covers the latest in Native and Programmatic Advertising, Technology, TV Advertising, Audience Data announcements from Zemanta, Clear Ads, Samsung Ads Europe, Patter89, to IAA.

Zemanta Debuts Next Generation of Autopilot 

Zemanta, the industry’s leading programmatic native advertising DSP, announced the next generation of Autopilot, the platform’s automation engine. Autopilot optimizes for the most optimal price possible to reach specific goals while hitting marketer’s daily budgets. Early testing results of the new Autopilot include 168x faster discovery phase, up to 2x lower average Cost-Per-Click (CPC), and up to 60% higher Click-Through Rate (CTR).

Clear Ads Brings Powerful Advertising Opportunities to Businesses

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