Adtelligent Launches Fully Self-serve Header Bidding Platform for Publishers

Adtelligent Inc. an award-winning global publisher monetization solution provider, announces the launch of a Self-Serve Header Bidding Platform for publishers. Fueled by increased publisher adoption of the Adtelligent’s header bidding technology platform, the company has developed a unique solution to fulfill direct publisher needs in a unified, self-serve technology solution.

Adtelligent new Header Bidding Platform provides partners with direct access to the company’s premium Display and Video ad exchange within the free and open-source management solution. The simple setup unlocks the scale of the Adtelligent ad exchange and private marketplaces driving significantly greater yield through increased competition.

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The platform provides media owners with a simple solution for header bidding integrations via client and server-side points of access, connecting platform bidders with omni-channel media sources without a need to involve developers into the workflow. The addition of Prebid wrapper will provide yet another option for publishers to monetize their inventory with Adtelligent, Google Ad Manager and Unified Ad Marketplace by Amazon, and enables publishers already working with Prebid to have access to the industry’s highest quality display and video marketplace.

Adtelligent is a sell side ad technology company providing fully-featured Ad Monetization Platform and Header Bidding Management solutions for publishers. By integrating ad serving for display and video, header bidding wrapper capabilities, and outstream functionality into one holistic stack, Adtelligent has established a new standard for selling inventory to programmatic buyers.

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