Ampersand Announces New Custom Audience Builder in the AND Platform Through Integration of LiveRamp’s Advanced TV Solutions

Ampersand, the audience-first TV advertising sales and technology company, announced today a data and technology integration with LiveRamp®, the leading data connectivity platform. The integration allows Ampersand to offer advertisers the same caliber of audience customization for multiscreen linear and streaming TV plans that they are accustomed to for all of their non-TV media investments.

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Audience customization for multiscreen TV plans that brands are accustomed to for all their non-TV media investments.

Through the integration with LiveRamp Advanced TV Solutions, Ampersand’s Audience Builder gives clients the option to onboard their strategic audiences to build and activate custom audiences across screens via Ampersand’s AND Platform. Clients can build proprietary audience segments in the AND Platform using brand’s 1st party data, 3rd party audiences from Polk and Experian, and/or Ampersand’s Viewership segments. The AND Platform, using aggregated data from 40 million set top box households, and with a commitment to protecting personal information, then identifies the networks, addressable households or geography where these custom audiences can be reached at scale.

For TV advertisers, the evolution of buying beyond GRPs, and the promise of more advanced, digital-like impression-based buying, has long been discussed. However, the challenge has been scale. While more impression-based buying has been made available on individual streaming platforms, Ampersand is the first to bring a truly scaled audience-based solution to the TV marketplace, with their combined linear and streaming TV footprint of 85M homes, 150 streaming apps (including over 60% of all addressable households), combined with the largest set of aggregated data from 40 million set top box households, and a commitment to protecting personal information.

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LiveRamp’s data connectivity solutions in the advanced TV landscape enable the safe and easy use of first-party and third-party data to build effective and unified TV audience strategies. As a trusted neutral partner, LiveRamp is leading the transformation of the TV ecosystem by powering holistic cross-screen activation and measurement to create an open and interoperable marketplace. This collaboration with LiveRamp marks a pivotal moment in the growth curve of audience-first, multiscreen TV advertising.

“Ampersand’s mission is to transform the TV industry by reinventing the data and technology infrastructure to facilitate brands’ ability to truly optimize their TV investments,” said Kalyan Lanka, Ampersand VP-Product. “Audience Builder in the AND Platform is a first of its kind feature that will enable Ampersand’s advertisers to build truly custom audiences using first and third-party data across the largest source of linear and streaming TV in the U.S. And as a leader in data connectivity, we are thrilled to be expanding our relationship with LiveRamp in order to do this.”

“We’ve been very intentional in growing our partnership with Ampersand, now unlocking the audience-first TV planning, buying and measurement for addressable that was previously done in siloes and without direct buyer access,” added Jay Prasad, chief strategy officer of LiveRamp TV. “By powering addressable cross-screen activation and measurement across all screens and streams, we’re creating a more open and interoperable marketplace to the benefit of the entire TV ecosystem.”

The AND Platform, launched at the beginning of 2020, accounts for the single largest source of multiscreen TV inventory in the industry. The AND Platform provides marketers with reach across 85 million households, 120+ cable networks and more than 60% of all U.S. addressable households.

It is the first, advanced buy-side TV platform to centralize campaign planning, buying and measurement within a single interface, supporting both local and national TV investment strategies. Fueled by aggregated data from 40 million set top box households, and a commitment to protecting personal information, the platform drives true audience-based, multi-screen campaign performance across the largest source of TV viewing in the U.S.

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