Instreamatic Wins 2022 Customer Magazine Voice Technology Excellence Award


On the strength of its unique Voice Marketing Platform, Instreamatic is honored for exceptional innovation and commitment to improving customer experience

 Instreamatic, providing an end-to-end Voice Marketing Platform for managing, measuring and monetizing conversations between brand and consumer, today announced that TMC, the global, integrated media company, has named the Instreamatic Voice Marketing Platform as a 2022 CUSTOMER magazine Voice Technology Excellence Award winner.

The Instreamatic Voice Marketing Platform empowers brands to enable voice interactions and experiences across all customer touchpoints. Harnessing the power of voice allows brands to deliver more meaningful, memorable, and satisfying customer experiences across interactive advertising campaigns, customer support, and customer feedback channels both online and offline. Because voice is the most natural form of human communication and speaking is three times faster than typing, Instreamatic’s solution allows brands to earn transformative insights into customers’ thoughts and reactions, and apply those insights to optimize customer experiences in real-time.

Interactive voice advertising powered by Instreamatic’s platform prompts customers to engage with ads in spoken dialogue. Customers can respond to a call-to-action in natural language, and receive an appropriate brand response based on prepared creative. An affirmative customer response leads the customer to order fulfillment or additional product information, and a negative response swiftly ends the ad and returns the customer to their audio content. Instreamatic’s powerful voice AI provides brands with complete real-time ad metrics. It also harnesses customer responses to understand their preferences, and increases the relevance of future ads for each individual customer across ongoing brand campaigns.

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The Instreamatic Voice Marketing Platform similarly enables interactive voice support across customer-brand touchpoints to deliver superior customer support and customer feedback through the company’s newest solution, Speaky. Speaky empowers customers to instantly communicate with a brand by clicking a link at any online touchpoint such as social channels, emails or websites, or offline by scanning a QR code available at brand locations. Customers leave audio messages, which garner far more natural and heartfelt customer sentiment and insights than alternatives such as written feedback forms. Speaky leverages voice AI to analyze customers’ voice feedback and provide the brand with an actionable report, including voice transcripts and sentiment analysis. Whereas brands with cumbersome traditional feedback channels often lose opportunities for insights into improving their customer experience, Speaky offers customers simple and direct access to speak their minds and be heard.

“Achieving an effective customer experience tailored to consumers’ needs requires brands to give their customers a voice – literally – and then listen carefully,” said Stas Tushinskiy, CEO, Instreamatic. “The stakes for getting customer experiences right have never been higher, and Instreamatic’s solutions forge deeper brand-customer interaction at every single touchpoint. Customers are never more than an instant away from being able to share ideas and insights, simply by speaking. We’ve proud of all our platform has accomplished, and to have it recognized with the 2022 CUSTOMER Magazine Voice Technology Excellence Award.”

The CUSTOMER Voice Technology Excellence Awards recognize vendors that are emerging as the true leaders in this evolving Voice Technology trend. The winning solutions provide speech and analytics engines, IVR and self-service solutions including chatbots, headphones, and voice-activated applications and services that maximize on NLP, NLU, NLG and AI and more.

“On behalf of both TMC and CUSTOMER magazine, it is my pleasure to honor Instreamatic with a Voice Technology Excellence Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “Its Instreamatic Voice Marketing Platform solution has proven deserving of this elite status and I look forward to continued innovation from Instreamatic in 2022 and beyond.”

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