AudioMob and Big Brother Team Up with Audio Advertising World First

Big Brother’s new reality multiplayer mobile game first to offer audio advertising with pass on listenership
For the first time audio advertising has been designed into the gameplay experience in globally popular reality format

AudioMob, the pioneer of audio advertising in mobile games and one of Google’s most exciting startups, has teamed up with Banijay’s award winning game studio 9th Impact, to put audio advertising at the heart of its Big Brother MMO mobile game which is launched, thrilling gamers and fans worldwide. For the first time ever, viewers are invited to join the game as a virtual housemate, to compete for a life changing prize fund up to $1m; and just as with the TV show, people can choose to watch the players in the game as ‘spectators’. With the integration of AudioMob’s rewarded audio ad format, the game is set to revolutionise in-game advertising, scaling brands and advertisers’ access to unparalleled audience reach, maximising on their investment.

In a world’s first, audio advertising has been designed to be immersed into and become part of the game playing experience: the radio in the Big Brother house works exactly as it would in reality – but in the game the players can choose to turn it on, and listen to an audio ad in exchange for currency to use in the game.

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As the game hosts players and spectators, it works like a TV ad placement, but in a mobile game. This is a world first and a unique opportunity for advertisers as it brings an unparalleled global audience reach through an innovative format. The audio ad format targets players whilst ensuring a seamless user experience, and offers a pass-on experience and further brand reach for the spectators in the app as well as those on the Twitch stream. Maximising their reach with this level of pass on advertising is unheard of for mobile games and will dramatically increase advertiser’s CPMs.

The Big Brother franchise became a global TV-show phenomenon in 1999 and has since been reproduced for 448 seasons in over 54 countries. Created by Endemol (now Banijay), the show offers viewers a titillating experience as onlookers of the drama and intrigue that unfolds when you put a group of people together in a confined space for a period of time. Today, 9th Impact is taking the Big Brother concept and premiering a new mobile format, bringing forth a completely new reality gaming genre. Viewers can choose to either spectate or join as a virtual housemate, where they have to compete to remain in the game for the chance to win a life changing prize fund. Housemates stay in the game by earning rewards in the form of BB currency, which they can exchange to re-do challenges, get extra votes or bribe other housemates. Listening to rewarded audio ads through the Big Brother house radio is one way to win rewards, showcasing AudioMob’s industry disrupting technology and the first use of immersive audio advertising, fully integrated into game design.

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In the current attention economy, advertisers are seeking new and innovative channels to maximise their audience reach and revenue. Over the last year $18 billion was generated in the US solely through the sale of audio ads, and IAB estimates show that digital audio ad sales are set to triple in the next 12 months. AudioMob is creating the connective solution to capitalise on both the $18 billion audio ad industry and the $77 billion gaming industry.

Audio in games is an untouched and as yet untapped space for advertisers, and brands are just starting to realise the scaleable reach that the AudioMob ad format can offer. In a recent YouGov survey, 61% of respondents revealed that they listen to music on their mobile phones at the same time as playing games (at least once). For advertisers, there is now the prospect to target a potential 1.5 billion consumers whilst playing mobile games, with the AudioMob advertising format and consumer numbers expected to grow rapidly. AudioMob created the solution to amplify existing ad placements with a predicted 250% increase of CPMs on audio banner ads, outperforming Google Admob, Inmobi, Adcolony, Fyber, Ironsource and Vungle CPMs.

The video below demonstrates how seamlessly the audio ad format interacts with players and spectators; as housemates click on the radio they are asked if they want to listen to an audio ad in exchange for a reward. If the housemate consents, the audio ad will begin to play in the background; when housemates listen to rewarded audio ads, spectators will hear these as well, which is significant for advertisers who will get access to impressive audience reach.

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