AzerionOne Teams up With Oracle to Strengthen Brand Safety and Viewability Capabilities

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AzerionOne, a pioneering all-in-one programmatic platform for publishers and advertisers in Europe, announced a collaboration with Oracle Moat and Oracle Contextual Intelligence. The programmatic platform, managing more than 1.6 trillion transactions per month and reaching more than 500 million users, has placed topics like contextual relevance, brand safety, and media performance at the core of its commitment. With this collaboration, AzerionOne takes a new important step in bringing high-quality advertising experiences, trustworthy and real performances across its global inventory.

Ensuring brand safety, brand suitability and viewability are crucial these days for advertisers and media agencies. To respond proactively to these needs, the programmatic platform has selected Oracle, the best solution that meets its vision. This partnership strengthens Azerion’s commitment to providing a trustworthy and safe ecosystem for its stakeholders.

Through its integration with Oracle Contextual Intelligence, AzerionOne ensures advertisers that their ads are delivered in a safe and brand-suitable environment. Oracle Contextual Intelligence is a technology that does not rely on personal identifiers to improve marketing results by ensuring that advertisements get displayed on brand-suitable advertising spaces with appropriate contextual content. Using a combination of machine learning and deep linguistic experience, Oracle Contextual Intelligence evaluates web page content so advertisers can find the contextual environments that align with their brand while avoiding the risks of negative or unsuitable content. The technology can also be used to place advertisements in contexts that are more appropriate and impactful for the brands.

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Thanks to Oracle Moat’s verification capabilities, AzerionOne makes it easier to measure ad viewability performance and provides better transparency across its inventory. Advertisers and media agencies can confidently take advantage of this high-value inventory to get high-performance.

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“Knowing your advertising budget is spent in a safe and relevant environment is as important to advertisers as spending it efficiently and for a great price. We take pride in offering both at the same time and our cooperation with Oracle further increases the stability and credibility of that offer.” said Sebastiaan Moesman, Chief Revenue Officer at Azerion.

“More and more, marketers are turning to advertising technology solutions to ensure not only that their ads are being seen by real viewers, but also that they are appearing in brandsafe environments,” said Derek Wise, Chief Product Officer at Oracle Data Cloud. “We’re delighted to work with AzerionOne to strengthen its brand safety and viewability capabilities and bring a trustworthy and high-quality advertising experience to its customers.”

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