Brave and Townsquare Collaborate to Transform Ad-Blocking Traffic; Test Blockchain-Powered Digital Advertising

Brave and Townsquare Collaborate to Transform Ad-Blocking Traffic into a Revenue-Generating Venture and Test If Blockchain-Powered Digital Advertising Works

Brave and Townsquare Media, Inc have agreed to join forces in order to re-engage users who use ad-blocking. The partnership involves combining Brave’s futuristic browser and Townsquare Media Inc’s music and entertainment portfolio. Brave’s browser capabilities include privacy innovation and a Blockchain based digital advertising platform which allows Townsquare to engage its users to be interested in advertisements that reward its users.  These companies will also be testing Blockchain-powered digital advertising solutions with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) at its core.

According to Pagefair, an estimated, 600 million internet-enabled devices have active ad-blocking which is turning into a nightmare for publishers. There are little or no tools available for publishers in order to solve this problem. Brave has now stepped up to resolve basic problems that every publisher, advertiser, and media consumer goes through coupled with solving issues related to cyberfraud and privacy concerns. The partnership of Brave and Townsquare promises to provide a win-win scenario by rewarding both, publishers and users.

Brave has now fully absorbed these four verified websites into their BAT-powered browser. Any user who surfs Brave Desktop would be able to contribute to these websites as the browser has integrated payment functionality. The user can do this either via user grants or by their integrated coin wallets.

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This collaboration plans to work fiercely to test the functionality of Blockchain based Digital Advertising and services BAT platform in the coming months. Testing of ad pilots will be a major initiative to check platform success. Users will get a piece of revenue along with the publishers for providing their consent to view advertisements, fulfilling Brave’s promise to pay for browsing. The user will not be compromising on privacy while doing so. The collaboration also plans to test premium uses of the BAT Platform.

These are exciting times for Townsquare and Brave because they have developed a unique channel to connect users with Publishers simultaneously testing complex advertising solutions that can be delivered only by Blockchain methodologies. This statement was made by Brendan Eich, CEO, and Co-Founder of Brave. He also said that both the aforementioned companies are very innovative especially towards digital advertising and that the collaboration will stay in the long-run.

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