Burt Intelligence Launches Burt Advisor, The First Decision Intelligence Solution for Advertising Operations Professionals

Burt Intelligence, a leading Software-as-a-Service platform empowering many of the world’s leading publishers and brands with analytics that increase revenue and drive operational efficiency, today announced the launch of Burt Advisor, the company’s new AI-powered tool that generates a daily, prioritized list of actionable steps that address revenue and operational issues across all media and campaigns. Unlike background alerts that are often generic, non role-based, and issued in too large a volume for anyone to address, Burt Advisor’s single, daily email is precise in guidance, the time-frame to take action, and the contextual impact.

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Burt Advisor solves the classic advertising operations question of “what needs fixing before I have coffee”?” With its powerful decision intelligence capabilities, it analyzes millions of data points across hundreds of different advertising systems to identify both issues and opportunities with the greatest revenue impact. The result is one email per day outlining actions that need to be taken, sorted by revenue impact and filtered by relevance for a truly personalized experience. Burt Advisor can learn role-based interests and needs, from ad ops professionals to the CRO and everyone in between, enabling targeted guidance for every stakeholder. Additionally, Burt Advisor prioritizes guidance to ensure the highest dollar value items are remediated first, creating the biggest impact on the bottom line.

“Ad operations professionals are the backbone of the rapidly growing $600B+ advertising industry, yet the analytics tools available are generally built by and for engineers. We’re on a mission to change this by bringing together deep industry expertise and AI in our no-code, easy-to-use software, to automate manual processes and make every decision data-driven. With the Burt Advisor, ad ops professionals can detect and resolve delivery issues before they become a revenue problem. ” said Carl Leskinen, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Burt Intelligence. “Our early-access customers have already saved millions of dollars by being on top of the day’s number one priority even before finishing their morning coffee, cutting down reaction times by days or even weeks. I couldn’t be more excited about finally launching Burt Advisor and extending its reach beyond email to other key notification systems.”

Launched in 2021, Burt has extended the solution to more than half of its customer base. “As someone who was previously an ad ops professional, I am excited to bring my personal experience and combine that with real time feedback from our customers in designing Burt Advisor. ” said Einat Naveh, Product Manager for Burt Advisor at Burt Intelligence. “We believe Decision Intelligence is a game changer for removing the friction in decision making. I can say first hand our solution elevates ad ops professionals from fire-fighters to revenue generating leaders because of the additional capacity and insight they are gaining.”

Burt Advisor is the ideal complement to the Burt Intelligence Platform that spans a Publisher’s core advertising operational workflows including discrepancy and programmatic reporting, inventory forecasting and the client facing reporting associated with each.

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