Causal IQ Announces Expansion Into Las Vegas

Causal IQ, a leading programmatic solutions provider, announced its expansion into Las Vegas, Nevada, to achieve relevant branding and advertising goals for the tourism and gaming industry. The new location is expected to grow rapidly and has already secured relationships with some of the world’s most diversified casino-entertainment providers.

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Las Vegas is home to the one of the largest advertising markets in the world,” said Chief Executive Officer, Farshad Fardad. “While there are several programmatic advertising platforms in this digital marketing ecosystem, our mission is to offer a fresh take on the role of a programmatic solutions provider by utilizing the benefits of both man and machine. This approach has proven to be successful in our different locations as we continue to optimize and seamlessly execute campaigns that surpass advertisers’ goals.”

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Causal IQ has reimagined the role that programmatic solutions providers play in today’s environment. That involves using data and relying heavily on everyday influencers—like parents, colleagues, and friends—to authentically reach consumers in target markets. Causal IQ’s method combats the possibility that consumers perceive content to be too commercialized or unrelatable.

“We’re extremely excited about the opportunity to be close to our customers and partners. This will allow us to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and continuously evolve based on advertiser’s needs.”

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