Choozle Unfurls 2018 Roadmap Product Enhancements

Choozle Announces 2018 Roadmap and a Sneak Peek at Upcoming Product Enhancements

Digital marketing and advertising platform, Choozle has announced its 2018 roadmap, in addition to a sneak peek at upcoming product enhancements. The company revealed that revenues grew at 120% from January to December 2017. This growth enabled Choozle to raise $6 million in Series B funding in Q4 2017. Choozle confirmed that the proceeds will support continued product innovation on the core self-service advertising platform as well as general growth.

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the CEO, Choozle
Andrew Fischer, CEO, Choozle

At the time of this announcement, Andrew Fischer, CEO and co-founder, Choozle, said, “The advertising technology ecosystem continues a positive cycle of maturation and consolidation which has pinched many players.”

Andrew added, “Digital advertising budgets continue to shift to digital channels powered by self-service platforms thus companies with innovative and effective products supported by a sound business model will continue to thrive.”

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Milestones from 2017: Turning Back the Pages

Choozle platform subscription partners increased 68% year-over-year. Additionally, self-service partners increased the number of advertising campaigns through the Choozle platform by 47% year-over-year, bids for impressions increased 78%.

Choozle saw campaign performance metrics that were twice that of the industry performance averages, published by the IAB.

Bolstered by strong industry fundamentals including a projected $94 billion global advertising spend for 2018, Choozle forecasts increased demand from agencies and marketers alike in 2018.

Throughout 2017, Choozle won thirteen awards highlighting its company culture and growth. Choozle ranked #1 in AdAge’s Best Places to Work, Inc.’s Best Workplaces list and #1 for Denver Business Journal’s Best Places to Work for medium-sized companies.

Choozle also claimed a spot on the Inc. 500 list, coming in 113th and in the top 10 for advertising and marketing companies.

With a focus on hiring for diversity and inclusivity, Choozle added four women to the development team in 2017. By the end of January 2018, Choozle will have 61 employees total, with 30 women and 31 men.

2018 Roadmap 

New Hiring and Office Expansion 

For Choozle, 2018 started strong with the hiring of Daniell Robertson, who will lead business and partnership development as Vice President of Strategic Alliances. Robertson will be responsible for expanding and strategizing the global partner ecosystem. He comes to Choozle with a decade of experience, at companies like Drawbridge and AdRoll, in developing alliances that help create value and drive growth for organizations worldwide.

In addition to Robertson, Choozle intends to add 30 new employees by the year-end. New hires will fill roles in the development, marketing, and sales departments.

In summer 2018, Choozle will relocate its HQ into a new 15,800 square foot office space at Catalyst in Denver, Colorado’s River North District (RiNo). The brand-new, 16,000-square-foot building, features sweeping views, a fitness center, an event space and a rooftop deck.

Space will allow the company to continually increase headcount while attracting top talent by tapping into the ever-growing Colorado tech community. The office will house the company’s development, sales management, marketing, client services and general administrative departments.

The Catalyst building will span a city block located on the west side of Brighton Boulevard between 35th and 36th Streets. Catalyst’s goal is to bring together private enterprise (start-ups to Fortune 20), government, academic and non-profit organizations with healthcare providers and payers to accelerate innovation and drive real, lasting change. The fifth floor of the Catalyst building will offer a space for Choozle to grow in the next five years.

“Choozle is a company that clearly invests in its people and culture. As industry leaders, this pending relocation to RiNo is a pioneering move that others will follow. Their space will boast views of the Front Range and downtown, which is a reflection of their Denver-based roots,” Andrew Blaustein, Managing Director of ARA Newmark explained.

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Andrew added, “It is no coincidence that Andrew Fischer was an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and that Choozle has won numerous awards for Best Workplace. The company is intentional and genuine and its growth potential is significant.”

In addition to the new headquarters, Choozle will be building out satellite offices in London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, St. Louis, and Atlanta.

Product Enhancements

Since inception, Choozle has been working diligently on enhancing its easy-to-use, self-serve digital advertising platform. In 2018, Choozle will continue partnering with industry leaders to create robust solutions for independent advertising agencies and further expand the capabilities of the platform.

Choozle CPO & Co-Founder, Jeffrey Finch, said, “Succeeding in this environment requires consistency in the communication between platforms and systems, combined with flexibility and agility to work with a wider ecosystem of tech-enabled solutions.”

Jeff added, “The winners in this space demand tools that easily allow them to reach the appropriate audience and execute a digital strategy that yields positive outcomes; our software provides this and more. In 2018, you’ll see Choozle become an even more streamlined and efficient instrument that will continue to liberate digital advertisers and marketers alike.”

Currently, Choozle provides digital advertising software that leverages detailed consumer data to power programmatic advertising campaigns across display, video, mobile and other mediums – all from a single, intuitive interface. Choozle also brings programmatic advertising to any marketer or advertiser with independent and self-service digital advertising software.

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