Colling Media Innovates with Optimized Facebook Catalog Ads

Phoenix-based Colling Media is pushing the boundaries of advertising by helping brands maximize ad spend and innovate marketing messages with Facebook’s new Catalog advertising feature. Promoting products and services on Facebook, the largest social network with more than 2.6 billion monthly active users, is a staple of online advertising. Previously, advertisers were limited to static images of a single product, but Facebook’s introduction of Catalog advertising presents brands with multiple opportunities in a single ad to engage potential customers.

“Facebook catalog advertising is deceptively simple, and it takes sophistication and innovation to get it right,” says Brian Colling, CEO of Colling Media. “For a variety of our clients—from retailers to colleges, and from educational institutions to professional services—the Facebook Catalog format transforms a single ad with one offering into one that presents consumers with multiple opportunities of engagement.”

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Colling Media is one of the nation’s foremost experts at utilizing, testing, and obtaining results from Facebook’s Catalog advertising offering. The Catalog platforms’ Dynamic ads feature show specific items to people who have demonstrated an interest in them. Collection ads present a video and four available items/services. Carousel ads show multiple images so consumers can scroll them and choose which one interests them.

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Facebook Catalog ads can help clients experience a significant improvement in advertising success. As an example, one of Colling Media’s clients is running both Catalog and website conversion ads; while the website conversation ads are seeing a 600-700% return on advertising spend (ROAS), the Catalog ads have brought an ROAS of 1,500%.

“Facebook catalog advertising has many advantages over single-product or single-service ads,” says Ali Watson, Colling Media’s Paid Social Media Manager. “A well-conceived and executed Facebook Catalog ad presents a consumer with multiple opportunities to engage and do business with a brand. Instead of a consumer deciding yes or no about a product or service, catalog ads transform this into a ‘which one’ decision, increasing purchases, leads, and brand awareness.”

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