Crystalead Teams Up with Purchase Guard

As a measure to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction with its state-of-the-art advertising platform, digital marketing company Crystalead has joined hands with Purchase Guard and has become a participant in its proprietary mechanism.

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This means that all of Crystalead’s users now gain complete transparency regarding acquisitions as well as the assurance that all measures are taken to meet their satisfaction level. “This is a joyous day for us,” said Crystalead’s spokesperson, Johnathan Greenwood, regarding the new partnership. “We know that advertisers who choose to work with us deserve no less than full satisfaction with our product, and this is how we make sure it stays that way. Our goal has always been to have our platform outstand the competition, and this joint venture is just another method to ensure that.” The partnership has already been launched, and a validating logo appears in the account of every Crystalead user.

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Tomorrow’s Solution for Online Purchasing

Purchase Guard offers an environment where consumers and service providers can communicate more thoroughly, therefore guaranteeing the consumer’s standards are met by the service provider. Businesses who choose to cooperate with Purchase Guard have not only the trust of customers to gain but also their good reputation among existing and potential clients. Crystalead has already acquired a name as a leading marketing platform for campaign advertisement and is taking this further step to preserve its status as a trustworthy brand.

“It’s not enough for us to have a good reputation and ample recommendations from users, we want the advertisers who partner up with us to have that extra sense of security that our extraordinary service level will not change,” the spokesperson explained and added that “with campaign advertising, results can sometimes only be seen with a long term vision, so users may have their doubts. We wanted to bring a third party into this equation in order to add that extra assurance. We now proudly carry the ‘100% satisfaction guaranteed’ logo and we intend on keeping it that way.”

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