Get Ahead of Competition With New SocialPeta Advertising Intelligence Database

Essential Advertising Marketing Spy Tool – SocialPeta

In today’s hyper-competitive marketing environment, digital marketers need all the help they can get. For marketers looking for a foolproof tool to improve their marketing strategy without incurring high testing costs while gaining leverage over competitors, there is SocialPeta — an advertising spy tool designed to help digital marketers make smarter marketing decisions.

How Does SocialPeta Work?

So how exactly does SocialPeta manage to do this? With its vast database consisting of over 600 million advertising data, covering more than 70 mainstream channels in all regions worldwide, and over one million daily advertising data.

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It can provide multi-dimensional ranking lists in terms of the highest-ranking and most-recommended advertisers. Moreover, it also offers useful features like data analysis and interest recommendation in creative materials, popular copy-writing, advertisement placement, and audience, as well as partner companies with handy filters, sorting, and UI.

Meticulous reports from SocialPeta can do wonders in the world of digital advertising. Here is an example describing the top leading advertisers in the last 180 days and new advertisers in the previous 30 days. Such intelligence reports can put the user several steps ahead of competitors.

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Why Marketers Need SocialPeta for Their Business

  • With access to a massive database of ad creative, marketers are able to monitor what ads the competitors are putting out and evaluate what’s working for them.
  • Filters based on the ad media, country, advertising channel, time frame, language, theme, and lots of others are available for narrowing the information and making a precise decision.
  • Marketers also have access to detailed advertising intelligence analysis, daily data changes, and more than a year of data trend coverage. With all this data at the user’s disposal, they will have the tools needed to develop an advertising strategy that works.
  • Different Intelligence tools are available that can help marketers develop their marketing strategy using SocialPeta’s collection of big data.
  • The user can subscribe to specific advertisers to track their strategy and progress.
  • SocialPeta guides the marketer to improve its marketing strategy with customized solutions. It also provides them with invaluable keyword recommendations to expand their advertising audiences and to optimize their sales.

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