INEO Unveils New INEO Media Player for Retail Customers

The INEO Media Player is the newest addition to the INEO Welcoming System product line, expanding the reach of INEO’s Digital Out-Of-Home advertising within a retail store

INEO Tech Corp. , the innovative developer of the INEO Media Network, a digital advertising and analytics solution for retailers, unveiled the INEO Media Player, the Company’s next generation Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising system designed to be a companion product within the patented INEO Welcoming System. The INEO Media Player works in tandem with the INEO Welcoming Pedestal to provide another level of digital advertising within retail stores. INEO has completed its trial run of the INEO Media Player within several retailers and plans to start deploying in retail locations world-wide.

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“The INEO Media Player was inspired by retail customers who requested additional digital advertising displays throughout their retail space without taking up any additional footprint in the store, and without installing an additional INEO Welcoming Pedestal,” said Kyle Hall, CEO of INEO. “We were able to address this need with our strong research and development team in addition to our internal manufacturing capabilities. This has allowed us to move quickly from initial inspiration to being installed in key retail locations.”

The new product is designed to seamlessly fit with wall mounting systems, allowing the store to pick the most optimal position. The INEO Media Player can work as a standalone product but is at its most powerful when paired within the INEO Welcoming System. A retailer with a larger space can pair multiple INEO Media Players with their current INEO Welcoming Pedestal to broaden their digital advertising coverage across the entirety of the retail location. The INEO Media Player utilizes technology INEO designed for the INEO Welcoming System and works seamlessly with INEO’s content management system to place and control advertisements and messaging across all devices on the INEO Media Network.

INEO Tech Corp., through its wholly owned subsidiary, INEO Solutions Inc., is a provider of location based digital advertising, analytics and loss prevention solutions for retailers. INEO’s patented technology integrates and monetizes digital screens with theft detection sensor gates at the entrance of retail stores. The Company’s cloud-based platform uses IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to deliver customized digital advertising to each retail location based on the demographic mix, such as age and gender, of customer traffic at each location.

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