Inuvo’s IntentKey Uncovers Insights that Help Nonprofits Connect with the Right Donors

Inuvo, Inc., a leading provider of marketing technology, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that serves brands and agencies,  announces how the IntentKey artificial intelligence (AI) technology has enabled nonprofit client to efficiently market to donors while continuing to raise funds despite COVID-19.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the adoption of social distancing guidelines has made it difficult for nonprofits, who rely more on traditional fundraisers. The impacts on in person events, charity runs, and direct mail have made it difficult to execute programs that have typically been at the center of the traditional fundraising strategy. Progressive nonprofits, like Best Friends Animal Society with the help of their agency of record Forward PMX, were able to quickly expand digital marketing efforts in a way that aligns with the reality of online and at home life in a COVID-19 world.

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“Forward PMX is progressive and conscientious agency who is doing exactly what you would expect from your partner, adapting their clients campaigns so as to maximize client return in spite of market irregularities,” said Tristan Cameron, VP of Sales & Account Management. “The artificial intelligence technology behind the Intentkey has successfully allowed Forward PMX to reach users who looked most like their clients’ donors and had a high propensity to donate.”

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Ms. Cameron added, “Inuvo’s nonprofit clients have historically generated an average 3:1 return on their ad spend. This experience has taught the IntentKey that donor audiences look very different from one client to another. By understanding the nuances of these donors, we can work with Forward PMX to tailor creative messaging that resonates best with donor audiences. In addition, we can create custom campaigns to help them achieve their specific campaign goals, whether that is increasing the overall donor base or focusing on growing new sustainable donors. The IntentKey understands the difference between a user who is likely to be only a one-time donor versus becoming a sustainable donor. The importance one places between these two types of users, can impact campaigns goals significantly.”

As we head towards the holiday season, it will be more crucial than ever to stay top-of-mind with potential donors to secure funding needed to continue the great work of these nonprofits. With Inuvo’s IntentKey AI technology, clients and agency partners can expect to secure a greater number of donations as we head into the peek donation season.

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