Kubient Receives Notice of Allowance for Patent-Pending Solution KAI

Kubient, Inc. (“Kubient” or the “Company”), a cloud-based software platform for digital advertising, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) issued a Notice of Allowance for the Company’s proprietary ad fraud identification and prevention technology, Kubient Artificial intelligence (“KAI”). A notice of allowance is issued by the USPTO to indicate that the application has passed examination. When and if the patent is issued by the USPTO, the resulting patent will provide Kubient with added intellectual property protection until 2039.

Kubient’s patent-pending real-time fraud identification and prevention technology transforms the fraud prevention process into a real-time programmatic process. KAI now empowers buyers and sellers of digital advertising to use machine learning during the 300-millisecond bidding process to identify and remove fraudulent traffic before it is bought and sold. KAI provides real time protection across omni-channel digital marketing campaigns regardless of digital platforms and channels, ensures that specific audiences will be marketed to, and allows media publishers, buyers, and platforms to see detailed fraud reports, insights, and analytics in real time based upon each advertising unit.

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“Receiving the Notice of Allowance for our patent-pending solution is a major milestone for Kubient, and we believe that is also a rather rare achievement within the AdTech industry,” said Paul Roberts, Founder and CEO of Kubient. “This notice validates our approach to fraud prevention and brings Kubient one more step closer to more seamlessly scaling and widely commercializing our solution. Receiving a patent for KAI has been a high priority since day one, and I’m proud of our team for bringing us very close to achieving this goal, especially our Director of Data Science, Vasanti Mahajan, who joined us over four years ago and has delivered on a vision of using technology to prevent the massive amount of fraud that plagues digital advertising. The entire Kubient team remained resilient and diligent through the development and enhancement of this groundbreaking technology that we believe has the capability to transform the digital advertising ecosystem. Looking ahead, KAI will remain the centerpiece for Kubient’s M&A strategy as we continue to weigh strategic alternatives.”

Further to its initial core thesis, Kubient’s artificial intelligence and machine learning teams continue to bolster KAI’s capabilities, beginning with the addition of compliance verification algorithms. This feature allows KAI’s AI to better sort and vet fraudulent data and users from processing through the digital ad marketplace. Additionally, Kubient has successfully developed KAI as a hybrid standalone tool that third party publishers or suppliers can utilize and incorporate into their existing ecosystems. Kubient is continuing to invest in KAI’s fraud AI/machine learning models and developing KAI to be the optimal intelligence layer between buyers and sellers.

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