Listrak Accelerates Revenue Growth for Retailers with Launch of New Integrated Identity-Based GXP Platform

Retailers can now identify anonymous visitors to maximize marketing spend and boost revenue

Listrak, the leading digital marketing cloud technology provider for retailers, announced the launch of Growth Xcelerator Platform (GXP). GXP integrates identity resolution capabilities within Listrak’s suite of cross-channel marketing tools to deeply personalize customer interactions. Marketers can leverage GXP to respond to customer signals in order to drive stronger engagement and produce dramatically higher levels of revenue.

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American consumers are projected to own up to 13 devices and connections by 2022, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index. As this number of touchpoints continues to grow, identity resolution will become increasingly crucial in consumer engagement strategies. Listrak’s proprietary GXP identity technology enables retailers to turn anonymous traffic into known identifiable shoppers that brands can interact with both onsite and offsite.

“As stores close and travel halts to a stop, every retailer understands that engaging customers digitally is paramount to driving their organizations forward. Subsequently, retail marketers right now are rethinking their entire marketing mix to find ways to drive increased revenue at a lower cost,” said Ross Kramer, co-founder and CEO of Listrak. “We’re launching GXP because it takes established channels, like email, and newer channels like SMS, to the next level, while amplifying conversion rates from organic and paid search traffic. These capabilities will allow retailers to drive substantially higher levels of revenue affordably.”

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Within the first month of leveraging GXP, Listrak clients have seen a minimum of 25X increase in their return on advertising spend.

“Investing in identity resolution is a critical business decision for us.  And having those capabilities integrated under a single platform provided some really important synergies.,” said Marcelle Parrish, Chief Marketing Officer at OCM. “GXP helps us better identify visitors in order to grow our list, maximize conversion rates and increase our trigger email revenues. It’s taken our results to the next level and will continue to have a significant impact for our business.”

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