MediaMath Puts Marketers in Control of Their Advertising Stacks; Enhanced Demand Side Platform Purpose Built for Signal-Agnostic, Flexible, Transparent Programmatic Ad Buying

MediaMath, acclaimed independent advertising technology company for leading brands and agencies announced it has redesigned, key elements of its omnichannel platform that combines a flexible identity foundation, complete supply chain accountability, and infinite customization of components with new and enhanced workflows for traders and supply managers.

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Chief Marketing and Financial Officers demand more control and flexibility, which requires solutions that fit their specific business and marketing models. Traders need to save time, which requires a user experience that delivers fast, flexible workflows. The latest upgrades to MediaMath’s industry leading demand-side platform enables marketers to effective choices and maximize their ROI, while providing traders with ‘easy button’ functionalities plus oversight and control. The enhanced platform design meets the needs of a broad range of engagement models and optionality, enabling simplified execution and optimization of every aspect of their digital ad campaigns.

“Traditional programmatic advertising was built on the promise of choice and innovation, but as it has grown over the last 15 years, it has become an complex and fragmented ecosystem. This has been further exasperated by the creation of walled gardens, which restrict control and lack transparency,” said Anudit Vikram, Chief Product Officer, MediaMath. “If brands and agencies truly want to drive efficiency, neither walled gardens nor the old/traditional programmatic are the best path forward.”

The MediaMath Platform is purpose-built around individual requirements, making it easy for brands and agencies to maximize the return on their marketing investment across a complicated digital landscape and maintain addressability as the industry prepares for the end of the 3rd party cookie.

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Future-Focused Approach to Addressability

MediaMath is committed to preserving the open internet and finding a path forward for brands and their agencies that shepherds them through the complexity and wastefulness of traditional programmatic advertising while also avoiding the restrictions and limited control of walled gardens. MediaMath’s identity stack offers addressability support today and prepares users for third-party cookie deprecation in the future. To support radical transparency, SOURCE provides a new signal and data foundation that allows for better supply-path optimization and algorithm decisioning, enabling more effective choices in a complicated digital landscape while improving spend performance.

Platform for bespoke application

MediaMath’s updated omnichannel platform features evolving functionality to grow and develop in tandem with customers’ needs. Specifically, the MediaMath platform is built atop a modular tech stack and a flexible APIs so brands or agencies can activate their assets, automate features to optimize campaigns, and transact natively on a broad range of signals, all while maintaining full control over their data.

  • Responsive user experience: MediaMath’s platform is built to help traders diagnose problems, accelerate performance, and reduce errors. Strategizing and managing inventory supply is made easy with layered screens, deal bulk editing, enhanced insight into incoming bid requests, and granular supply path optimization capabilities. Campaign activation and management are more streamlined with troubleshooting strategies, and intelligent charts to curate campaigns visually.  Oversight and monitoring are optimized with enterprise controls for more precise team management. 
  • Automated decisioning: Automated functionality reduces launch times by 30 percent. Performance is more powerful with dynamic budget allocation, which isolates problems and offers high-performing budget changes. This feature ensures the best strategies are always funded, while saving traders time. Additionally, automated rules, presets, and settings – which can be applied across groups of users, supply, and campaigns – streamline campaign management.
  • Future-proofed design: Designed to grow as customers grow, MediaMath’s platform is built on a modular tech stack with full control via APIs so brands can tailor their workflows, campaign intake and syndication, and integration with preferred identity partners. Additionally, marketers can activate their proprietary data to customize the bidding algorithm, or MediaMath can build an entirely bespoke model for maximum use of a brand’s 1st party assets.

The SOURCE framework continues to gain more recognition from the ad tech ecosystem, with new partners continually being added. Since the start of 2020, MediaMath announced the addition of several partners to its effort to drive an accountable, and commercially aligned supply chain, including Merkle, PubMatic, Comscore, Spaceback and Superawesome. There are now more than 80 SSP partners participating in of MediaMath’s  enhanced transparency roadmap.  Partners leaning into the Ecosystem Scorecared include IBM, TvSquared and Digilant.

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