Netsertive Partners With Volkswagen to Power New CTV Offering

Netsertive, the leading digital advertising solution for multi-location businesses, today announced it has been named the Connected TV (CTV) partner for Volkswagen’s Dealer Digital Program (VWDDP), which includes access to co-op funding. Netsertive’s CTV advertising offering provides Volkswagen dealerships across the nation with access to a highly targeted, dynamic, and efficient digital alternative to linear (cable/broadcast) advertising. Netsertive’s CTV advertising solution provides Volkswagen dealerships with unique, dynamic, and flexible creative capabilities mapped to audience targeting that meet the demanding needs of an ever-changing automotive marketplace, including inventory supply.

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With a manufacturing shortage of microchips pinching new-car inventory at dealerships across the country, Netsertive’s CTV offering helps dealerships who can’t afford to advertise out of stock vehicles. Netsertive’s CTV solution has dynamic creative capabilities that allow Netsertive CTV campaigns to support lease payment changes, dealer localization of Volkswagen approved creative, and model swaps in a rapid response that eliminate the high expenses for creative changes required by agencies. The integrated, omni-channel campaign execution across search, social, display, and CTV advertising has proven to be a winning combination for automotive dealers. Leveraging awareness of CTV in this advertising mix, Netsertive is reaching high-intent consumers with an average cost of $0.36 per household.

“We’ve been looking for another source to add to our monthly advertising and marketing plan,” says Karl Zerrenner, Vice President at Volkswagen Pasadena. “With slimmer inventories, and consumers spending less time in-market and more time researching online, we needed a solution to be smarter with how we reached these shoppers. Netsertive’s partnership allows us to break down the media silos for better cross-channel targeting that includes CTV.”

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For Volkswagen dealers, Netsertive’s solution is the first to be co-op approved and provides flexible contracts, mid-flight optimizations, localized creative, and frequency control-all benefits over traditional, linear TV. 60% of marketers in the U.S. plan to shift ad dollars from linear TV to CTV and OTT this year (IAB), to capitalize on the streaming audience and agility CTV advertising provides. Not only does Netsertive’s solution bring that reach and agility, but it provides a combined media solution that retargets and tracks the buyer’s journey across search, social, display, video and CTV advertising, providing an integrated digital media plan for better cross-channel targeting and performance.

“CTV is the fastest growing channel in digital advertising. It’s critical for brands to integrate CTV advertising into their marketing plans in a way that connects to other digital touchpoints in the buyer’s journey,” says Steve Leonard, CEO of Netsertive. “We’re excited to help power these new agile, integrated solutions for Volkswagen dealers to break down existing media silos and overcome the limitations of traditional TV advertising in the current auto market.”

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