ownerIQ and OpenX Expand Partnership to Bring Second-Party Data Into the Programmatic Ecosystem

New Audience PMP Feature will Increase Scale and Opportunity by Providing DSPs Access to Transparent Retailer and Brand Audience Data

ownerIQ, the leader in second-party, transparent data solutions, announced their new Audience Private Marketplace (PMP) feature in partnership with OpenX, the world’s largest independent advertising exchange. This new product offering leverages the existing DealID infrastructure between Exchanges and DSPs to enable advertisers on almost any DSP to easily access transparent retailer and brand audiences via the OpenX exchange – reducing the complexity and costs of access while bringing increased data quality and scale.

ownerIQ’s second-party data platform, CoEx, allows advertisers to gain permissioned access to first-party consumer data from hundreds of retailers and brands. With the new Audience PMPs, advertisers that want to access the transparent, retail and brand data exclusively available in CoEx can now activate that audience on any DSP, on the same day they request access. The Audience PMP feature enables buyers that purchase inventory on the OpenX exchange via outside DSPs to use Deal ID’s to differentiate ownerIQ data in bid requests, and combine OpenX’s high quality, fraud-free inventory with ownerIQ’s unique second-party data sources at greater scale.

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“The strategy of combining ownerIQ’s unique, transparent data assets directly with OpenX inventory has a number of benefits for advertisers. Passing data through DMPs or even directly into DSPs adds friction to the process resulting in lower cookie match rates impacting audience scale and delays in getting data from point A to point B. DMPs and DSPs also charge fees to data providers which result in increased costs for advertisers negatively impacting campaign ROI. This feature will significantly reduce that friction, lowering data costs, and improving scale,” Greg Loeffelholz, VP Platform Management, ownerIQ.

According to Loeffelholz, when ownerIQ data is passed from the CoEx platform to outside DSPs via a DMP the total addressable audience size can be cut by up to 50 – 70 percent due to poor match rates between platforms. Match rates for delivering cookie data from the leading DMPs to most DSPs has been around 40 percent and that’s on top of the scale lost by onboarding data from its source to an intermediary DMP. With the new ownerIQ Audience PMP, advertisers will be able to access ownerIQ’s second-party retail data at much larger scale, and this approach will shorten the time required to pass files between platforms making the data available to advertisers days or even weeks faster than previous solutions.

Early campaigns with Audience PMP show the audience match rates between ownerIQ and OpenX exceed the highest rates achieved on ownerIQ data via an outside DSP, and almost twice the rates of use cases where ownerIQ data had passed through a DMP to be made available on a buying platform. OpenX and ownerIQ sync more than 180 Million cookie IDs on an average day as a result of the tens of thousands of publishers the two companies reach, including top retailers. This is more than double the sync rate that ownerIQ has been able to achieve directly with any DMP or DSP via direct integrations.

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Nathan Woodman, Chief Data Officer at Havas Media Group, sees the value to his clients in this approach.  According to Mr. Woodman, “Working with media and data owners to optimize the programmatic supply path is important to Havas Media. ownerIQ as a key resource for second party data places our client’s dollars directly to the source of the data. The Audience PMP solution helps Havas Media spend our client’s dollars in transparent and well-lit environments.”

With multiple ad exchanges selling much of the same inventory, the need for differentiation among exchanges is always ideal. OpenX sees this strategy as an attractive approach to working with ownerIQ. “Working with ownerIQ on Audience PMP allows us to give advertisers a chance to use second party data in a way not before possible, and intelligently buy against ad opportunities that they otherwise would not have had any information about,” said Paul Sternhell SVP of Monetization and Platform at OpenX. “The combination of OpenX inventory, and our strong commitment to quality, with ownerIQ’s second party data, presents a compelling use case, and from a technical perspective, the ability to send an ad opportunity to a DSP regardless of whether that particular user has a synced cookie from that DSP will prove to be very valuable.”

The 2nd Party Audience PMP integration with OpenX is currently in Beta and is expected to be generally available in Q4 2018. ownerIQ is exploring expanding this strategy to other potential inventory partners to help generate even more scale for advertisers looking to leverage high value, transparent audiences.

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