Post-Cookie “Re-Think” of Digital Marketing Driving Surge of Innovation in Collaborative Data Solutions, According to New Winterberry Group Research

Winterberry Group, a specialized management consultancy with deep experience in advertising, marketing, data, technology and commerce, released new research: “Collaborative Data Solutions: Data and Identity in the Era of Permission.”

The research delves into the surge in collaboration across and within companies to leverage data to optimize revenue and deliver consistent consumer interactions in a post-cookie world. Brands and media owners are turning to both familiar and evolving data collaboration frameworks to make the most of a changing marketing and advertising landscape.

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“The rush to explore and adopt collaborative data solutions is about more than the pending death of the cookie, Apple’s IDFA and regulation,” said Charles Ping, managing director EMEA. “We’re at a critical moment in time where the entire digital ecosystem is going through a fundamental change in approach, where permission-based partnering will be the key to creating new and scalable insights, measurement and marketing activation. The variety of approaches coming from Europe and the U.S., compliant with the evolving regulatory environment, provide a foundation for next generation advertising and marketing for brands, media owners, data and technology providers. With changes coming fast in 2021, now is the time to ‘re-think’ the future.”

The research is based on contributions from more than 50 senior industry experts from both the U.S. and Europe representing 26 companies involved in the use of data and data collaboration, ranging from technology providers, data companies and co-operatives, media owners, end user clients and brand marketers. Winterberry Group’s research expects to see six primary themes drive the infrastructure of marketing and advertising data collaboration:

  • Permission-based Relationships: Market adoption will be defined by permission-based frameworks – consumer to brand, brand to brand and brand to media owner
  • Multi-Party Partnering: With increasing solution flexibility, expanded use cases and the push for scale and accuracy, partnering becomes a requirement, not an option
  • Multiple Solutions in Parallel: Brands and media owners will implement multiple solutions – Winterberry Group expects to see no fewer than three to five per market participant
  • Solution Applications Across Clouds: Delivery of real-time intent across and through shared environments
  • Organizational Adaptation: Configured solutions for flexibility as the landscape evolves
  • Steady Adoption: Data collaboration will bridge the gap between data “haves” and “have-less”

Brian Lesser, CEO and Chairman of InfoSum said, “We are thrilled to support Winterberry Group in demystifying an overly-complicated industry. Companies have to work together to unlock data’s limitless potential, while also protecting and respecting sensitive customer information. InfoSum has invented the ‘non-movement of data’ to deal with these challenges and improve the customer experience for our clients.”

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“Advancement in safe data collaboration is helping brands work together to develop deeper customer intelligence to better serve their customers and achieve a competitive advantage.  As we enter the next wave of innovation, we expect the world’s leading brands to prioritize global, cloud agnostic solutions that are neutral, rooted in identity, and preserve privacy, trust, and security,” said Vihan Sharma, senior vice president, LiveRamp Safe Haven. “Clean rooms are a start, but in order for enterprises to accelerate business strategies and results – including customer intelligence, analytics, and  measurement – we have to go a step further. We need technical solutions and infrastructure that can eliminate first-, second-, and third-party data silos within and across enterprises, and deliver a more holistic, connected view of the consumer.”

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“As people-based marketing grows and privacy regulations evolve, the data and identity ecosystem requires cooperation to enable secure connectivity in a post-cookie world. There will not be one, ubiquitous identifier,” said David Dowhan, VP of Product and Engineering, Marketing Solutions, of TransUnion. “The industry needs to take steps forward in building the future of addressable marketing, based on people. This future must bring privacy and transparency to the forefront, while retaining scale and interoperability across industry participants.”

“Managing the nation’s largest independent cooperative database, we see firsthand the power of data collaboration,” said Mark Kinney, Wiland EVP, Product Management. “Performance matters and clients see better ROI through their participation in a cooperative database. The white paper’s in-depth research further reinforces our belief in the power of collaborative data solutions, and we also anticipate accelerated adoption of these solutions.“

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