Slalom is the First Certified Consulting Partner for Amazon Marketing Cloud, Amazon Ads’ Clean Room Solution


Slalom, the global business and technology consulting company, announced it is the first certified consulting service partner for Amazon Marketing Cloud in providing clean room analytics and development services.

The collaboration between Amazon Ads and Slalom will help mutual customers better utilize Amazon Marketing Cloud, which gives advertisers the ability to create their own custom aggregate and anonymous analytics using signals from Amazon Ads as well as their own optional inputs. Slalom helps customers implement popular Amazon Marketing Cloud use cases including Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), consumer journey analysis, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) analysis, conversion rate comparison, touchpoint frequency distribution, and much more.

“As a certified Amazon Marketing Cloud partner, Slalom helps brands use tools by Amazon Ads to activate on a broad range of use cases, all while safeguarding customers’ privacy,” explained Rio Longacre, Managing Director at Slalom. “Up to 80% of large brands will have a clean room in place by the end of 2023, so we are helping companies get ahead of the trend.”

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Clean rooms like Amazon Marketing Cloud allow marketers to analyze signals from multiple parties in a secure workspace. Clean rooms offer a safe place to bring signals together for joint analysis without revealing the underlying user information with other collaborators.

Launched in early 2021, Amazon Marketing Cloud offers brands a turn-key clean room solution that enables advertisers to perform custom analytics within a secure workspace and optionally add their own signals too. Slalom, with extensive Amazon Marketing Cloud knowledge and proven engagement experience, aims to help more brands rapidly implement Amazon Marketing Cloud to deliver more relevant audience experiences and to maximize value of paid media spend.

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