Smart AdServer Acquires Demand-Side Platform LiquidM

As a Leading Independent Ad Monetization Platform, Smart AdServer aims to Align Supply and Demand to Deliver Financial and Operational Efficiency to Advertisers and Digital Publishers

Smart AdServer, the leading independent ad monetization platform, announced its acquisition of LiquidM, the Bertelsmann-owned, global Demand Side Platform (DSP) based in Berlin. LiquidM’s technology will be integrated into Smart’s technology stack to offer digital advertisers, agencies and trading desks enhanced access to premium publishers’ inventory across all major supply sources.

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LiquidM is a globally operating self-service Demand Side Platform (DSP).

“Our industry currently faces a crisis of value erosion that puts increasing pressure on the entire programmatic ecosystem. Buyers seek transparency, accountability and more value from their media investments while publishers yearn to better monetize their core assets, including audience and 1st party data,” said Arnaud Créput, CEO of Smart AdServer.

Arnaud added, “LiquidM’s proven record in innovation will boost Smart’s commitment to creating Value Path Optimization emphasizing full transactional transparency. This will enable conflict-free, premium value and low-fee buying so both advertisers and publishers can flourish in a shared-interest approach.”

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LiquidM’s mature technology will accelerate Smart’s product development to better serve the needs of publishers and advertisers contending with strategic shifts in the market.

By providing deal management, audience discovery, and data activation & control, Smart will build the advertising and data safe-haven for publishers and advertisers to grow their programmatic advertising businesses with consumer privacy as the cornerstone of the platform.

“We are very pleased to join Smart,” said Philipp Simon and Thomas Hille, Managing Directors of LiquidM.

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The pair added, “They are an ideal partner to grow our business given their premium publisher clients and their strong global footprint. We look forward to enlisting in Smart’s mission to bring even greater value to both advertisers and publishers.”

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Smart AdServer is the leading independent ad monetization platform built for premium publishers to serve demanding buyers. Our fully transparent platform and shared-interest business approach enables premium publishers and brands to get their fair share of ad value at every opportunity, on their terms. Publishers can act with certainty and have the control of all the variables for the right blend of transaction models, channels and formats while activating the right audience data for value path optimization.

Smart works directly with more than 1,000 publishers worldwide including Financial Times, Groupe Marie Claire, TracFone, Le Figaro, Leboncoin, Altice Media Publicité, and IMGUR to deliver display, video, native, and rich-media ads to over 50,000 sites and apps. Smart operates 12 offices worldwide and leads the charge in building a transparent ecosystem based on quality.

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