SocialPeta Helps JIOS Build a Data-Driven Marketing Service

As global science and technology develop rapidly, “data” has been increasingly becoming the cornerstone for enterprises and individuals alike in their network marketing activities. By gathering and analyzing such data as market trends, competitive dynamics, and consumer behaviors, management of marketing services can be more efficiently performed.

Therefore, the world’s largest advertising intelligence analysis platform, SocialPeta, has cooperated with JIOS, to promote the marketing service driven by data insight to a more professional and accurate development stage.

SocialPeta has currently accumulated over 500 million advertising data, covering more than 60 mainstream channels in all regions worldwide. With one million daily advertising data, it can provide multi-dimensional ranking lists in terms of the highest-ranking, highly-recommended, and new advertisers. Besides, it also contains functions such as data analysis and interest recommendation in creative materials, popular copywriting, advertisement placement and audience, as well as partner companies, etc., aiming to better understand the market and facilitate marketing decision-making.

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As the official network marketing training institution designated by the Johor State government, JIOS, is committed to becoming a leading professional academy of network marketing in Southeast Asia. It will offer a variety of practical network marketing knowledge, skills, and means for the industries of SEO, e-commerce, and social media marketing, etc. JIOS aims to teach everyone how to initiate online transactions and provide professional advisory services to companies that want to transform from traditional transactions to online electronic transactions. The company offers network promotion, brand marketing, and other services to global e-commerce customers, helping to make globalization come true.

By SocialPeta’s tremendous database and powerful analytical capacity, JIOS believes, on the one hand, it can enhance its judgment and decision-making ability after mastering the global market and competitive trends timely. Meanwhile, it can upgrade the marketing accuracy and efficiency after gaining the creative materials and popular text drafts of popular advertisements. On the other hand, it will improve the core competitiveness of JIOS in global network marketing as well as the data and technical customer-serving capabilities.

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More importantly, this cooperation also means that SocialPeta’s international reputation and influence are becoming increasingly visible. Not only has it become an important partner of global digital marketing companies but also highly recognized and trusted by marketing industry giants.

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