STAQ Announces Industry’s Most Complete Programmatic Benchmark

Insights Empower Clients to Continuously Improve Advertising Strategy and Operations

STAQ, the platform for publishers, announced the industry’s most complete programmatic benchmark reports. The reports aggregate data from a growing publisher co-op encompassing more than $500 million in annual revenue across 48 sell-side platforms and other demand sources including Google AdX, AppNexus, Amazon, Rubicon and OpenX.

Publishers are often left in the dark about their relative performance compared to their industry peers. With STAQ’s Industry Benchmarks, publishers get transparent access to the most accurate, rich industry benchmarks, giving them confidence about each revenue decision they make, strategic and tactical.

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“STAQ’s new benchmarks offer the most comprehensive barometer of performance yet seen across publishers, partners, and platforms,” said Rich Caccappolo, COO at MailOnline. “These insights enable publishers to not only evaluate their execution to date, but also identify opportunities for improvements that will benefit publishers as well as the buy side.”

The benchmarks provide impression volume and CPM information that STAQ publisher clients can use for optimization and strategic decision-making. Publishers can select data ranges, view pricing and volume for specific SSPs as well as analyze and cross-check performance across a wide range of specific factors including, Ad size, Geo, Device Type, Transaction Type and Platform. STAQ also plans to add data for fill rate and viewability in Q4. With these insights publishers can:

  • Confirm company results against industry-wide trends
  • Maximize daily optimization with detailed comparisons
  • Spot new opportunities, such as demand for specific ad sizes
  • Identify high performing vendors for potential partnerships

“Publishers have so many levers they can pull to affect programmatic revenue, but they’ve never been able to know how they’re doing compared to the rest of the industry, or if they should be working with a different mix of exchange partners,” said Andy Ellenthal, CEO of STAQ. “With STAQ’s benchmarks, publishers can sleep at night knowing that they have the data to continuously improve their business.”

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