Metaverse Shopping Company, Valorabien, Launches Reg CF Funding Campaign on Wefunder

Metaverse Shopping Company raises $50k+ in the first week.

Valorabien, the one-stop-app integrating the world’s main markets for a seamless shopping experience, announced it launched their Regulation CF funding campaign on, to integrates all of the world’s leading e-commerce and marketplace operators and their listings, allowing users to find and buy everything they need from one app inside or outside of the Metaverse.

Anything from a flight ticket to a laptop to a loan can be found in what will become the Integrated Marketplace of the world’s marketplaces, avoiding an exhaustive search on different platforms.

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AI and Metasearch are used to match the user’s profile and preferences with suggested products that create a seamless and efficient buying experience and that make product discoverability more efficient for businesses listing them.

Valorabien is available on desktop and on mobile devices, offering a simple, intuitive, and rewarding user experience for buyers of all ages, tapping into multiple demographics.

The shopping company of financial and non-financial was selected as one of 1,000+ of applicants to Newchip’s competitive accelerator program.

While each one of the world’s main marketplaces is only looking inside and closing its virtual borders, Valorabien is designed to open up these borders to improve the shopping experience for users, increase sales for vendors, and offer a seamless integration for all the marketplaces in a way that will also add to their bottom lines, while they are gearing up to be in the Metaverse and further simplify the user’s shopping experience.

For you, as a Valorabien investor, that will mean owning a share of every purchase and sale that the brave new world of e-Commerce and the coming potential of online shopping in the Metaverse holds.

Valorabien and our CEO have been accepted and are enrolled in the prestigious accelerator program NEWCHIP.

Tapping into the world’s fastest growing e-commerce region: Latin America, which experienced 37% growth in online sales.

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