XCHNG Brings New OnXCHNG Partners On Board To Transform The Digital Ad Ecosystem

Blockchain Protocol Adds Expert Industry Advisors Robert LePlae and Jonathan Lee

Kochava Labs SEZC (Kochava), a research and development subsidiary of Kochava Inc., announces new strategic partners to OnXCHNG, the partnership program for the industry’s open source blockchain framework for the digital advertising ecosystem, XCHNG. New OnXCHNG partners include supply-side network StormX Inc. (maker of the Storm app and Storm Token); exchange and mediation companies Yield Nexus, and Gamned; payment provider Qwil; data providers MangoData, Liberdy, and HARA Token; and, for the first time, demand-side partners Instinctive and Aura Systems.

In addition, Kochava announces that Robert LePlae, Founding Partner, Republic Performance Systems and Jonathan Lee, Chief Operating Officer of Yello Digital Marketing Group are joining the XCHNG Board of Advisors to provide deep industry knowledge in the digital advertising and crypto industries.

Charles Manning
Charles Manning

Kochava CEO Charles Manning said: “We are humbled and excited by the growing participation and buy-in from industry partners to OnXCHNG. When we first started this partnership program, XCHNG aspired to include a wide variety of diverse perspectives from the blockchain and digital advertising industries. With expertise provided by this prominent group of industry leaders, we are closer to building a unified framework in the pursuit of fairer digital advertising for all.”

OnXCHNG partners have the opportunity to become directly involved with the protocol’s overall development. Partners receive access to the XCHNG codebase. Additionally, OnXCHNG partners are regularly invited to offer their insights regarding the platform’s development as it expands into mainstream markets.

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With the addition of LePlae and Lee to the XCHNG Board of Advisors, XCHNG will continue to provide new and innovative perspectives from top-tier industry experts in the space. LePlae brings to XCHNG nearly two decades of experience in the blockchain and digital advertising industries, most recently serving as Founding Partner of Republic Performance Systems, an emerging marketing company providing an algorithm-driven methodology to ad suppliers. Lee currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of Yello Digital Marketing Group, one of South Korea’s leading advertising solutions partners. Through these notable additions, XCHNG will diversify its advisory function to provide a best-in-class digital experience for its users.

LePlae said: “Through XCHNG, we have a unique opportunity to put the power back in the hands of both buyers and sellers to control their digital lives. This will allow users to take full advantage of this exciting new asset class.”

Since launching in October 2017, XCHNG has grown to provide a high-volume system of record that offers digitized insertion order (IOs) to make digital advertising transparent, efficient and secure. By combining innovative blockchain-backed technologies, XCHNG is being built and tested to handle millions of transactions per second, making it one of the fastest blockchain protocols in existence.

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