AdsDax, a global advertising network that uses distributed ledger technology to track digital ad events, has announced its most recent success: driving thousands of new users to the crypto-asset rewards platform Yamgo.

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AdsDax was used by Yamgo to deliver a wide range of interactive, video and display adverts across the AdsDax publisher network, which consists of many top websites including news, financial and cryptocurrency sites. Through the use of AdsDax, Yamgo was able to quickly drive a significant number of users and revenue to their platform.

The AdsDax network, which is owned and operated by Yamgo Ltd, forms part of Yamgo’s wider vision to reward consumers for their participation in the advertising process and create a fair exchange of value for the brands who buy advertising and the consumers who use their time, attention and data in the display and viewing of ads.

Discussing the success, Yamgo CEO Ian Mullins commented, “This is a fantastic achievement for both AdsDax and Yamgo. We have shown how effective AdsDax can be at building brands and we’ve created a strong audience for the Yamgo beta app. Our aim is to continue building an ecosystem based on the Hedera network that benefits advertisers, brands, businesses and consumers.”

The Yamgo/AdsDax ecosystem is built on the Hedera distributed ledger where both platforms can take advantage of high-capacity, high-speed transactions with ultra-low fees and bank-like security. Through the Hedera network, AdsDax is able to verify, timestamp and store encrypted, business-critical data directly on a secure distributed ledger in real time. Yamgo is able to use the Hedera ledger to deliver micropayments directly to consumers with ultra-low fees that are fixed to a fiat price.

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Discussing the vision for the AdsDax/Yamgo ecosystem, Chief Product Officer, Ryan Davies said, “It’s a fantastic milestone for Yamgo and AdsDax and a great proof-point for both of our platforms. We’re in the nascent stages of creating a symbiotic platform that benefits businesses, brands, advertisers and consumers alike. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that not only helps our business customers and users, but also helps to grow the usage of the Hedera network itself. Through AdsDax we are driving a massive amount of transactions every day and showcasing how businesses can successfully utilise DLT in their stack. Through Yamgo we are driving a large amount of account creation, adoption and usage, successfully onboarding new participants into the cryptocurrency space and helping them to earn crypto-assets for the first time and take greater ownership of their financial futures. As we grow both platforms and progress down our roadmap, we will see further integrations between the two that helps both of them to grow and drive further success.”

“Surpassing 100,000 users is a great first milestone for the Yamgo offering, built on the AdsDax and Hedera platforms,” said Christian Hasker, CMO of Hedera Hashgraph. “We know they have just scratched the surface of how many consumers can benefit from rewards delivered for completing tasks and shopping online, and we look forward to seeing how quickly and easily they can scale this offering to meet the growing demand for consumers to own and personally benefit from their online activities, instead of conferring all that benefit to centralized technology and advertising providers.”

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