Bipath Launches All-In-One Business Call Center Solution Contact Cloud to Streamline Sales, Marketing and Support Processes and Drive Significant Cost Savings

Businesses struggle to identify their most effective marketing campaigns, especially with the variety of marketing tools available in the market. Software company Bipath understands this business challenge. To bridge the gap between businesses and technologies, the firm recently launched Contact Cloud – a software solution that helps businesses leverage the latest in Unified Communications as a Service technology while eliminating redundant business applications. Through Contact Cloud, businesses increase their effectiveness while minimizing costs.

“The market is ripe for disruption as there are many software companies offering businesses overpriced and limited call tracking solutions. Cost effective UCaaS platforms in the marketplace are scarce. Contact Cloud is here to fill that void, and do it in a support focused, cost-responsible way — to help businesses not just survive but grow,” said CEO of Bipath, Michael Barnett.

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Contact Cloud enables businesses to route customers to the right agents with minimum transfers and practically eliminating hold times. With a customizable view, the cloud-hosted platform enables users to easily navigate through a customer’s latest inquiry, be it via calls, forms, chat, text messages, and faxes. Its call tracking feature, on the other hand, lets businesses discover which campaign, ad, page, or post drives calls, texts, form fills, and chats. This powerful data allows businesses to optimize processes and build a strategy to increase sales leads and conversions while understanding exactly what’s resonating with their customer base.

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Contact Cloud offers unlimited call recording storage and SMS campaign options that enable the sending of auto-respond, pre-scheduled, bulk, or one-off messages to customers. Bipath supports local and global businesses in 88 countries, making it the ideal solution for businesses growing and supporting onsite and remote call centers, and offices.

Contact Cloud requires no software installation, making it easy for onsite and offsite businesses to work regardless of geographic location. It can simply be added to a pre-existing phone system or added as a total replacement of the business’s phone system.

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