Census and The Operational Analytics Club Release Speaker Schedule for Summer Community Days, a Data-Practitioner First Conference

The Operational Analytics Club, a community for data professionals, released their agenda for the two-day virtual community conference showcasing community experts for July 28 & 29

Census, the operational analytics platform that syncs customer data from your data warehouse to all your key business tools, and The Operational Analytics Club, a dedicated community for modern data professionals, has released the schedule for Summer Community Days Vol 1. The conference is taking place over two days with virtual programming and workshops, as well as in person happy hours in five major US cities, July 28 and 29.

Summer Community Days is a free, virtual conference with a mission to elevate and showcase the expertise of data practitioners in the community so analytics engineers, data analysts, and data-savvy business experts can share their knowledge with their peers and friends. The program includes presentations and workshops offering thought leadership, actionable advice, and technical insight. Attendees of the event are automatically entered to win one of 10 scholarships to an expert-led data program of their choice from co:rise, too.

Summer Community Days kicks off at 9:00 a.m. PT, Thursday, July 28, with a keynote presentation by Emily Hawkins, data engineering manager at Drizly, entitled, “Tipping Points: How Individual Decisions Make Big Impacts in Data Careers & Data Teams.” Following the keynote, there will be 30-minute sessions on topics such as the data engineering lifecycle, career advice for women and those lacking a data science background, agile analytics, and more.

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The afternoon sessions include a workshop on the “All of data engineering in three hours” presented by Pete Fein, consultant and trainer at Snakedev, and an open question-and-answer session afterward.

Day two of Summer Community Days opens with a keynote panel on “Diversity in Data: Modeling a Better Future for Data Teams,” with Julia King from Carta, Julie Beynon from Clearbit, data engineering contractor Christine Ndedge, David Jayatillake from Metaplane, and Jessica Cherny from Data Angels. Morning sessions will include discussions on operationalizing analytics for software development, cutting data costs in an economic downturn, treating data as product, data testing, and more.

The afternoon workshop will break down how to build account scoring models with Donny Flynn, customer data architect at Census.

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“It’s important to hear from people who are actually doing the work,” said keynote speaker Emily Hawkins. “This community wouldn’t exist without the practitioners! It’s great to hear all the cool stuff vendors are coming out with, but they don’t always talk about the actual, practical application of the work practitioners do day in and day out. I personally learn the most from hearing from others in my same or similar position, hearing what problems they have, and how they’re solving them.”

To give practitioners a way to connect in person as well as virtually, The Operational Analytics Club is hosting happy hours for data professionals to get together in San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn on July 28 at 6:30 pm local times. Partners for these events include Hex, Airbyte, Deepnote, Snowplow Analytics, Metaplane, Brooklyn Data Co., and BigEye.

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