NetSfere Extends the Power of Its Industry Leading CPaaS Platform to Developers and Enterprises with the Launch of the New Omnichannel Portal

New user-friendly portal enables developers and enterprises to deliver rich, personalized experiences, including critical communication alerts, reminders, and notifications at global scale – all via a single, secure, industry-compliant omnichannel platform

NetSfere, a global provider of next-generation secure and compliant messaging and mobility solutions, announced the launch of its new omnichannel portal created for developers to build and integrate multi-channel capabilities for their enterprise applications to orchestrate customer communication and engagement at global scale.

“With NetSfere messaging and mobility solutions enabling more than 500 million mobile subscribers and over a trillion of messages globally on an annual basis, NetSfere has helped enterprises around the world effectively and securely disseminate rich, personalized customer communications,” said Anurag Lal, President and CEO of Infinite Convergence. “With the launch of the new omnichannel portal, developers now have access to rapidly integrate real-time communications into business applications and workflows to streamline customer and employee interactions.”

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NetSfere Omnichannel platform allows developers to quickly build and integrate customer communication at scale, and deliver rich, personalized experiences, including delivery of important alerts, reminders, and notifications – all via a single, easy-to-implement Application Programming Interface (API) developer portal.

The new user-friendly platform provides secure environment with programmable APIs and reference documentation in several popular languages for quick integration, including sample codes for different use cases and workflows. Additionally, the portal offers an intuitive dashboard that provides full visibility into API usages and real-time performance metrics, analytics and insight into customer communications and trends. With the new self-service portal, developers and enterprises can sign up in seconds and instantaneously deploy customer communications globally.

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“The digitalization of the customer and employee experiences has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, setting the stage for the next leg of CPaaS growth. According to 451 Research’s recently updated analysis, total market revenue is expected to increase at a CAGR of 28%, reaching $23bn by 2025,” said Raúl Castañón-Martinez, Senior Analyst for Workforce Collaboration at 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence division. “Developers use these services to enable real-time features – such as push notifications, voice and video click-to-call capabilities, and two-factor secure authentication – and redefine how organizations engage with their clients, partners and employees.”

NetSfere Omnichannel is a CPaaS platform built from the ground-up for enterprises, enabling digital customer engagement at a global scale from a single platform with multi-channels to orchestrate the customer communication journey, including 1-way and 2-way SMS, MMS and RCS messaging, push notifications, voice, email, and social media messaging. The platform provides key benefits like intelligent routing and cost optimization, content management, number validation for increased open rates, full enterprise admin controls, rich analytics, and data archiving. The platform protects enterprises and customers with the highest level of security and meets all regulatory compliance standards including HIPAA, GDPR and PCI DSS, required by industries such as healthcare, retail, financial services, logistics, travel and hospitality, governments and public sector, and service providers and MNOs.

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