Raydiant and Poly Partner to Optimize In-Office, Remote, and Hybrid Team Communication Through Advanced Video Conferencing Tools and Engaging Screen Content

Raydiant, the experience management platform of choice has announced a new partnership with global communications company, Poly. This strategic partnership is part of Raydiant’s push to expand their Employee Experience Platform, which offers a suite of solutions for improving communication, engagement and collaboration for office workers around the globe.

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According to recent research, 85% of HR professionals agree that employee connection is a critical part of their overall success as an organization. As corporations navigate a new world of hybrid work (with some employees back in an office, and some forever remote), it’s critical to ensure that all employees, regardless of location, are able to connect and communicate effectively to keep productivity levels high.

Poly, now a premium integration partner within Raydiant’s extensive marketplace of nearly 100 apps, offers professional grade collaboration solutions including headsets, video conferencing cameras, desk phones and speakerphones for every meeting room and workspace. Poly’s solutions are pro-grade, easy to use and work seamlessly with all the best video and audio-conferencing services , such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Raydiant integrates with Poly by offering businesses a way to share dynamic and localized content to employees via Poly’s Studio X and G7500 Android-based room systems. Using Raydiant’s easy-to-use dashboard, IT, internal comms and marketing teams can easily create and display important news announcements and reminders, engaging promotional and inspirational videos, meeting schedules, and more. Raydiant empowers companies to share digital content of all forms such as text, images, or videos, when the displays are not being used during an active meeting . Together, tools like these are proven to boost productivity by 30% and build a stronger work culture through improved communication and collaboration.

“Today’s workplace is ever-changing, and we know that keeping employees connected is a priority for business leaders across the globe. They need a way to engage and connect workers in any environment, whether they’re working in offices or at their kitchen tables,” explained Raydiant CEO, Bobby Marhamat. “Together, Poly and Raydiant bridge the gap, giving businesses a way to keep their workers informed and engaged through a mix of clear, frictionless video conferencing and customizable on-screen messaging that’s incredibly easy to manage.”

“Poly is focused on providing our customers with the tools and technology to deliver equitable, pro-grade meeting experiences in any size room or space,” said Beau Wilder, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Video Collaboration at Poly. “Raydiant’s integration will create an immersive workplace communications experience through digital delivery of important announcements and reminders, company-wide.”

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Poly products are now available in the Raydiant marketplace and accessible via the Raydiant dashboard. Raydiant customers who use Poly Studio X-series and G7500 video conferencing hardware can create, update, schedule and post custom screen content on Raydiant-enabled meeting room and office screens.

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