DataWeave Unveils Advanced SaaS-Based Competitive Intelligence Product Suite

DataWeave’s AI-Powered Data Aggregation and Analysis Platform Harnesses Billions of Data Points from Diverse Web Sources

DataWeave, a provider of Competitive Intelligence as a Service, announced the launch of a powerful new version of its SaaS-based competitive intelligence product suite that helps retailers and consumer brands leverage public data on the Web to make smarter decisions and compete profitably.

DataWeave Unveils Advanced SaaS-Based Competitive Intelligence Product Suite
Karthik Bettadapura

“Since our inception, we have led the large-scale transformation of how enterprises consume and derive benefits from rich sources of data publicly available on the Web. With the launch of our new, state-of-the-art product suite, we bring more power to our customers’ fingertips through unmatched access to key and relevant competitive insights that drive strategic decision-making,” said Karthik Bettadapura, Co-founder, CEO, DataWeave.

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DataWeave’s AI-powered data aggregation and analysis platform harness billions of data points from diverse Web sources to provide retailers with unified price, promotion and markdown optimization, and product assortment insights, and consumer brands with brand governance, share of voice (SOV) analyses, and shelf space optimization in e-commerce. These insights are typically accessed through a SaaS-based web portal or directly consumed via APIs to augment the customer’s internal analytics systems.

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With DataWeave’s advanced SaaS-based products, retailers and brands can:

  • View near-real-time insights and historical trends at greater granularity, enabling them to effect faster and more precise actions on pricing, promotions, merchandising, and other areas of revenue optimization
  • Customize their experience based on functions relevant to their profile and act on personalized recommendations
  • Integrate seamlessly with internal data systems and models to generate predictive insights and measure ROI

“While conventional competitive intelligence systems are still mostly limited to providing descriptive insights, our new product suite, with deeper data integration capabilities, lets us deliver prescriptive insights to our customers, so they can instantly solve clearly defined and actionable business problems at scale. As we explore further innovations, we will progress from providing recommendations to enabling actions directly through our products,” added Karthik.

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