Targus Deploys Entomo’s Channel Management Cloud to Super-Charge Sales Productivity

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SaaS Solution Untangles Multi-Tier Channel Visibility Snafus

Entomo, Inc, the leading provider of cloud-based Channel Control and Revenue Management (cCRM) solutions, announced that Targus, Inc. has successfully deployed the POS Data Management, Sales Credit Assignment and Channel Analytics modules of Entomo’s SmartHub platform.

The solution automates and streamlines POS processing and reconciliation of Point of Sale (POS) data from Targus’ distributors, OEMs, DMRs, retailers and etailers. Analytics and Dashboards provide real-time channel insight. The enhanced data is then used to pay sales commissions, reward partners and engage with end customers. Complete automated audit trails enable quick resolution of any disputes raised by partners or sales reps.

“For the first time, we can really see what’s going on in the different tiers of the channel. We can now ensure that sales results are aligned with sales strategies and allocate our resources accordingly,” Keith Braesch, Vice President of Sales, Targus said.

Handling multi-tier channel data is inherently complex. With previous vendors, Targus experienced a number of data quality and timeline issue, including duplicated or missing data and incorrect assignments. With Entomo’s automated approach to channel management, error-prone manual processes have been completely eliminated and turnaround times greatly reduced.

Sanjoy Chatterji
Sanjoy Chatterji

“Entomo is the best-kept secret in Channel Management. Instead of marketing hype, we have focused our efforts on developing superior technology. This technology, coupled with a team of channel-savvy analysts, allows us to provide a repeatable and scalable process that helps our customers maximize revenues through the channel,” Sanjoy Chatterji, Founder and CEO, Entomo said.

As a result of Entomo’s Channel Management solution, some of the benefits reaped by Targus are:

  • Increased Gross Margins and Revenues
  • Improved Sales Rep Productivity and Channel Partner Relationships
  • Streamlined Sales Operations
  • Improved Product Lifecycle Management
  • On-Demand 360-Degree View of Channel
Bo Mahoney
Bo Mahoney

“Entomo’s solution enables us to analyze historical sales trends and rebalance territories, which in turn allows us to demand greater accountability from our reps. In addition, we can now tie channel performance directly with various sales campaigns, previously we were just guessing. Entomo’s solution makes me look really smart!” Bo Mahoney, Director of Enterprise Sales, Targus said.

Entomo helped Targus untangle multi-tier distribution channel information eliminating double counting and missed sales. A suite of pre-configured analytics provide Targus a complete view of the channel.

“I am a numbers guy. I need to be able to create my own analytics and look at things as and when I need to. On certain occasions I take aggregated data to determine one-off rebates to certain partners. On other occasions, when I suspect inconsistencies in the data reported by certain distributors, Entomo’s analytics and drill-down capability allow me to pinpoint exactly where the partner has mis-reported POS,” Ty Smith, Director of Channel Sales, Targus said.

Today, Targus sales reps are much more effective when they walk into accounts, because they have complete confidence in the accuracy of the sales numbers. This helps Targus better understand the needs of their customers while improving sales rep and partner productivity.

“How can you even begin to quantify the value of a motivated and happy sales force?” Braesch retorts when asked about the ROI of Entomo’s Channel CRM solution. “For me it’s not just about using channel data to pay sales commissions, but being able to really engage with my customers, by knowing what they have been buying and then working with them to increase sales. Entomo is helping us do that.”

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