Xenon arc Unveils Groundbreaking Voice of Customer Study Results

Call to action for materials producers to address often-overlooked customer segment

Xenon arc, a leading data-driven marketing and sales organization, announced the release of their 2020 Voice of Customer study, an in-depth investigation of small-to-mid-sized business customers (SMBs) in the Materials Industry – focusing on their experience, requirements and preferences. The study dives deep into defining the customer journey, from the development of a need all the way through to post-purchase support and reordering.

Xenon arc enlisted the services of ERDM, an award-winning Voice of Customer research firm, with over 35 years of experience in the field. ERDM has developed a specialized and proprietary VoC research methodology designed to capture the real words, real emotions and human insights to drive the most effective strategies to transform how companies engage with their customers.

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“One of the most surprising learnings for us was that SMB customers in the Materials Industry are among the most dissatisfied groups of customers that ERDM has ever encountered,” said Mica Zuniga, Vice President, Strategic Growth, “This represents not only an urgent problem, but also a huge opportunity for producers to transform their thinking around how to serve these customers.”

In almost 150 hours of interview, the research uncovered meaningful and actionable insights related to the following topics:

  • Steps in the customer journey
  • Service priorities & requirements
  • The digital transformation of the sales process

The research outlines a specific and clear path toward creating “win-win” scenarios for both SMB customers and materials producers; for producers looking to drive growth and efficiency from this segment; and for customers looking to compete in an increasingly challenging environment.

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“We’ve observed the long-standing challenges producers have faced in properly addressing the unique needs of this segment and are immediately applying and driving these findings into our innovative Xa-DIRECT model,” said Alyssa Cunnington, VP Exterprise Model. “We’ve always been SMB-focused, and this study further strengthens our insights and sharpens our strategy to best meet SMB needs,” she concluded.

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