Zailab Gains Momentum, Expands Footprint In North America

Zailab, a Growing SaaS Company, is Setting Up Office and Welcoming New Faces to Drive Their North America Expansion

The new kid in the tech-startup block recently launched in the USA in March 2018 at Enterprise Connect Expo where they’re out of the ordinary truck booth that turned heads. Since their launch in March, Zailab has been gaining momentum and settling into their new environment.

Introducing the new face of ZaiLab in America, Michael Cibelli, who has joined the company as vice president of sales and marketing. With over 25 years’ experience in communications, Michael has a wealth of knowledge on everything from contact centers and video conferencing to omnichannel communication.

“I was blown away by ZaiLab,” he says. “I’ve attended Enterprise Connect for many years and this company excited me. Not only because it was a product that is different from anything I’ve seen in the North American market, but also because of the way the company treats its people.”

But what really got Michael’s attention, was the technologies, unique take on pricing. He believes larger enterprises, companies that have the power to influence trends, have been calling for consumption-based pricing for a while, which is exactly what this solution offers. The company’s North America expansion includes a setup of a physical call center that will contribute towards bringing jobs back home that are currently being offshored to countries such as the Philippines and India.

“The consumption-based pricing model really got me excited. The easy setup and single waiting room really brought it all together. I think it’s going to stand up very well against what’s currently available and is going to allow us to make a huge impact in America, from large enterprises all the way to small and medium,” says Michael.

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Michael recently visited the company development hub in South Africa and was introduced to the community upliftment initiative the company has implemented in the community of Delft – a project with the potential of becoming a major employment boost for the area.

“I looked at was done in Delft and realized this is a company that really cares about people. Then when I visited the company I felt very welcome. It was everything I had been looking for in a company,” says Michael, adding, “My goal is to take this model and bring it to North America and create jobs in economically depressed areas, just like we have done in South Africa.”

With the continued shift to cloud-based products across the entire industry, ZaiLab offers a well-designed cloud-based product that gets smarter over time through machine learning. “This means your contact center keeps getting better and better, which is exactly what the market is looking for,” says Michael.

Michael will be spearheading the “Journey to Vegas” roadshow with company CEO Nour Addine Ayyoub and Chief Sales Officer, Fokion Natsis from Orlando to Las Vegas (21 May – 15 June) to showcase at the CCW Expo in Las Vegas where an exciting partnership announcement will be unveiled.

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