BrandFIT Influencer Marketing Platform Simplifies Digital Campaign Delivery Across The Globe

BrandFIT ‘s Online Platforms to Revolutionize Advertising Industry

BrandFIT has developed a unique online platform enabling brands to directly access and hire celebrities and influencers to endorse their products and services through any social media network.

BrandFIT Influencer Marketing Platform Simplifies Digital Campaign Delivery Across The Globe
Maher Jaber

“Social media advertising is a multi-billion-dollar industry and accounts for one-third of all advertising expenditure. We have developed a platform that connects brands with the appropriate social media influencers to effectively and authentically execute digital marketing campaigns. Consumers trust their peers more so than they do traditional advertising, and brands want to deliver their message to the right audience at a fraction of the cost, our platform does just that,” said Maher Jaber, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, BrandFIT.

Key to BrandFIT’s methodology is control over message delivery and extensive post-campaign reporting, both being crucial components for advertisers. The online open marketplace platform allows advertisers to locate and hire social media influencers to execute digital campaigns at a lower cost than traditional advertising. BrandFIT’s robust vetting process also ensures its influencers have real followers.

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“We are providing businesses with the capability to source and hire a celebrity endorser or influencer as easily as you would hire an Uber driver, book a vacation on Expedia or a room on Airbnb. We have detailed information on the influencers we work with, including their reach, engagement rates, audience interests, geographic location and areas of interest so we can best connect brands with influencers who will reach their target demographic,” added Jaber.

The BrandFIT platform supports all 12 major social media networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Line, Tumblr, Google+, Snapchat, FourSquare, and Reddit. These networks connect over five billion people worldwide. The rating system integrated into the platform allows brands to recommend an influencer to other companies who are also using the platform. A real-time messaging system allows brands to directly message influencers working on their campaign at any point during the process to ensure a seamless execution.

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“Our Platform currently has over 30,000 registered social media celebrities and influencers worldwide with direct access to an end influence of over one billion consumers. The combination of a streamlined hiring process, ease of use, pricing model and the valuable post-campaign data will have a significant impact on the advertising industry,” continued Jaber.

The BrandFIT influencer marketing platform allows brands to control their messaging, and content created by the influencer must be approved by the brand prior to posting. With the influencers’ community, messages are being shared, tagged and reposted, enabling campaigns to potentially run endlessly.

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