Everflow Now Offers The Easiest Way For Brands To Track Performance And Results From Influencers

Unique promo codes create automatically tracking pages

Everflow, the cloud-based Partner Marketing platform, today announced further enhancements to their already robust influencer tracking solutions with Coupon Code Tracking URLs, which released this week with their 2.8.0 update.

“This functionality brings proven influencer marketing techniques from radio, outdoor and print media to digital marketing,” says Jonathon Blais, Co-Founder & CTO at Everflow. “Coupling those with granular analytics throughout the conversion funnel, gives marketers unparalleled ability to track, test and improve their campaigns.”

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With this addition, Everflow empowers influencer performance tracking in the following ways:

  • Coupon Code Tracking URLs: Brands can create unique codes for each of their influencers that will automatically generate unique branded destination URLs. Influencers can easily tell their followers to visit this unique URL and Everflow will track any performance from that follower, back to the influencer.
  • Direct Linking Clickless Tracking: With Direct Linking the user is tracked when they reach the brands website. This makes it easy to track performance channels (affiliate, influencer or media buying), while maximizing the SEO value of these relationships.
  • QR Code: Influencers can promote brands through unique QR codes. When followers scan these codes, they are sent to the brand’s website and the influencer receives credit for any performance that results.

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“80% of influencers have been asked by brands to include content amplification as part of an activation in 2020. The data shows that marketers have moved beyond partnering with influencers for just content and relying on organic reach. Brands are now treating influencer marketing as a scalable media channel,” adds Paul Johnson, Co-Founder and VP of Growth at Lumanu. “Executing on this strategy demands a platform that tracks results at scale and Everflow continues to provide that.”

With some brands delivering almost all of their sales strictly through influencer marketing, tracking influencers has become critical.

Max Hjelm, Director of Business Development at AspireIQ, includes, “Brands are leaning into their social media-savvy brand partners — like influencers and brand ambassadors — to tell real, relevant stories and build a true sense of community online. We’re excited about Everflow’s commitment to helping brands improve how they track these campaigns.”

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