Humanz Launches Free Online Academy for Successful Collaborations Between Marketers and Influencers

The Humanz Influencer Marketing Academy arms marketers and influencers with knowledge on how to build, optimize, and track successful collaborations for their mutual benefit

Humanz, an AI-powered platform for influencer campaigns of all levels, announces the launch of The Humanz Influencer Marketing Academy, a free online course designed to facilitate the successful collaboration between marketers and influencers.

The roles of influencers and marketers are converging, and influencer marketing campaigns are one of the fastest growing and cost-effective segments of digital advertising, with forecasted annual growth of 32.4 percent between 2019 and 2024. Marketers initiate these campaigns to tap into the communities of relevant influencers and amplify exposure. Influencers of every tier, from micro-influencers, to experts, to celebrities and ambassadors, leverage the campaigns to monetize their brands. While there is tremendous potential for both parties to help each other fulfill their needs in their converging roles, gaps in understanding between them often prevent their success from reaching optimal levels. There is also a gap in understanding in terms of “influencer fatigue”, which refers to consumers losing faith in major influencer campaigns that are clearly inauthentic. These consumers find themselves gravitating towards like-minded peers who share content and commentary about brands and products they genuinely love—thereby sparking the need for new, fresh faces to enter the influencer marketing arena.

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The Humanz Influencer Marketing Academy, which is free for all registered users of the Humanz Platform, is equipped to provide data-backed actionable insights to both parties on how to fine-tune and improve their approach. It also educates enrollees on how to track progress across areas that go far beyond data points that are natively offered on the analytics side of each respective social media platform. It is made up of videos, text, and multiple choice questions. If done in one sitting, The academy takes between one to three hours to complete. The Humanz Platform offers proprietary impressions data that analyzes billions of content pieces and social media profiles to identify true influencers and fake followers. The platform distills real and actionable evidence-based advice for both marketers and influencers, based on thousands of campaigns worldwide.

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“Influencer marketing is not just a trend or channel within the advertising sector, but rather a natural evolution of it,” says Kobi Dalal, Co-Founder and CPO of Humanz. “From the beginning, our mission at Humanz has been to help ensure the sustainable growth of the influencer marketing sector by offering knowledge, data, and tools to improve collaborations between marketers and influencers. The academy fits right into our mission and has been a project we have looked forward to launching for over a year now. We intend to add new chapters and coursesevery few months based on industry shifts and user feedback.”

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