InfluencerDB Expands into the US with Long-Term Marketing Strategy

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Influence DB is Europe’s Leading Influencer Marketing Platform

Today, InfluencerDB, an end to end influencer marketing software on a mission to make the practice simple, transparent and data-driven, is expanding into the United States on the heels of their success in Europe working with the biggest brands including Lufthansa, Mercedes Benz, Asics, Cluse Shiseido, Estee Lauder and more.

Unlike other solutions in the influencer marketing space, InfluencerDB offers brands a combination of data, software, and educational content all in one place, helping them not only organize their internal efforts but also to help them make the most educated decisions for a long-term campaign success.

At the time of this announcement, Robert Levenhagen, CEO, Co-Founder of InfluencerDB, said, “There are so many marketplaces and platforms that over complicate and under deliver when it comes to influencer marketing, offering brands no real value. When building InfluencerDB, we focused on quality and ease of use. The hope is that our comprehensive software will educate brands while helping them streamline the process and make the best decisions resulting in real return.”

The platform’s tools include —

– Discovery database – Search among all influencers in the world in our database

– Analytics – Analyze influencers and their audiences especially to avoid falling for fake influencers

– Influencer Management – Manage all your contacts and relations across multiple departments to consolidate all your knowledge and data in one centralized system

– Campaign Management – Execute your campaigns without being charged extra for it with any influencer you like, get deep reportings on your campaigns

– Monitoring – Monitor the whole influencer universe in regards to your brand and your competitors

InfluencerDB will be announcing several new key hires and clients over the next six months as they increase their presence in the US.

Robert continued, “We aim to bring organizational change and educate brands on a holistic, scientific and successful approach to influencer strategies.”

InfluencerDB will focus on big enterprises and brands that want to take influencer marketing to the next level, taking the knowledge and experience from their successful work in Europe with brands including Daniel Wellington, Cluse, Foodspring, AboutYou and others and translate it to the enterprise world. In addition to focusing on large, enterprise brands, InfluencerDB offers very affordable entry-level plans for small and medium-sized businesses that want to use their tools and content to educate themselves and learn from experience.

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