Influ2 Unveils Person-Based Marketing Platform to Empower B2B Marketers

Influ2 Enables One-On-One Connections with Decision Makers using Person-Based Marketing Solutions

Influ2, the first person-based marketing (PBM) solution, launched its platform for B2B marketing teams. Influ2 platform is powered by machine learning, that generates and sends personalized advertising on behalf of B2B marketers to decision makers at enterprises on an individualized basis.

Dmitri Lisitski, Co-founder, Influ2
Dmitri Lisitski, Co-founder, Influ2

At the time of this announcement, Influ2 CEO Dmitri Lisitski, said, “Influ2 addresses the flaws associated with account-based marketing (ABM), where the wrong buyers are targeted with repetitive, irrelevant ads. With B2B marketers expected to spend $4.6 billion in advertising in 2018, Influ2 is re-envisioning the concept of the customer journey to help marketers build direct relationships with individuals who influence marketing budgets and strategies.”

Influ2 Allows You to Warm up Leads Before Your Demand Generation

We sat down with Dmitri to understand more about Influ2 and how B2B marketing teams could better benefit from their products. Dmitri explained, “Influ2 is integrated with major CRM systems, so you can import a list of people who you want to see your ads and then export all the data about who viewed and clicked your ads back to the CRM.”

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The CEO added, “Our solution allows you to warm up leads before your demand generation or lead generation teams reach out to them. It is an additional, yet unique, touchpoint in the client journey.”

We further probed with him about the exact nature of fit with existing B2B CMO’s martech stack. Dmitri said, “Our clients upload the content they want their clients to see. The content then goes through a moderation process, and its legitimacy is reviewed twice — first by Influ2’s moderators, then by moderators of platforms that we partner with.”

Customer Says, People-Based Marketing Is a Great Concept for Closing Deals

Tim Ganul, Business Development Manager at Ajax Systems, said, “Influ2 is amazing. I finally got on a call with the client I have trying to get in touch with for the last two months. Not only that, but the client actually reached out for a call himself, after he saw our ad. PBM is a great concept for closing deals.”

When a campaign launches in the Influ2 platform, marketers can create the list of individuals whom they want to approach based off of the data they have in their internal CRM systems. From there, marketers can individually target high-level decision makers, such as CEOs and CFOs, and track results to see who specifically clicked on content, how many times they interacted with the content and the time of day when they engaged. This specific information — the “segment of one” — allows B2B companies to better understand which decision makers are engaging with content and are potential buyers.

Co-founded by Dmitri Lisitski, chief executive officer, and Vladimir Mikhalko, Chief Technology Officer, Influ2 is one of the first platforms that go beyond basic analysis, leveraging customer CRMs and anonymous digital footprints to buy ads for customers, which can then be tracked to see, name-by-name, who has viewed and clicked an ad.

Dmitri added, “If you are a marketer trying to reach enterprises ABM won’t work. ABM isn’t cost effective or actionable. With Influ2, marketers can know who at these companies to target and which ads will best speak to them.”

Influ2 has already integrated with all major CRMs and is poised to capture a significant amount of clients with its first-to-market method for reaching people as opposed to accounts.

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