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Is Person-Based Marketing an Upgrade to ABM?

Person-Based Marketing Means You Get to Talk to the Person, so You Know Who Sees Your Message and What Is Relevant for This Person to Use in Your Communication Your customers are real people, and they want to be treated with real experiences. That's the whole context of Person-based marketing (PBM). Customers react to personalized experiences positively compared to bland, traditional messages, promoted across marketing channels, sans logic. Earlier this month, Influ2 platform, powered by machine learning, announced the…

Influ2 Unveils Person-Based Marketing Platform to Empower B2B Marketers

Influ2 Enables One-On-One Connections with Decision Makers using Person-Based Marketing Solutions Influ2, the first person-based marketing (PBM) solution, launched its platform for B2B marketing teams. Influ2 platform is powered by machine learning, that generates and sends personalized advertising on behalf of B2B marketers to decision makers at enterprises on an individualized basis. At the time of this announcement, Influ2 CEO Dmitri Lisitski, said, "Influ2 addresses the flaws associated with account-based…