IZEA Launches MetaMod to Bring Influencer Sponsorships to the Metaverse

Company Creates Team Specializing in Sponsored Collaborations With Influencers and Creators in Virtual Worlds

IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the world’s leading brands, announced today the launch of MetaMod, its specialized team that will use IZEA’s capabilities, relationships, creator network, and experience to bring sponsored collaborations to virtual worlds. The new offering builds on IZEA’s extensive influencer network, offering brands the opportunity to partner with influencers inside popular gaming platforms as well as with artists on NFT marketplaces.

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Brands will work with IZEA’s MetaMod team to:

  • Leverage influencers across multiple platforms to create awareness of metaverse activations.
  • Create interactive metaverse experiences to promote their brand.
  • Develop and distribute branded virtual objects.
  • Host virtual events like concerts or parties.
  • Co-create and promote NFTs.

“Over the past year, we have been working with forward-thinking brands to execute new types of influencer sponsorships and online experiences on platforms outside of traditional social media channels,” said Ted Murphy, IZEA’s Chairman and CEO. “We are looking beyond TikTok and Instagram to the platforms that best represent what the future of the metaverse will be, such as Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, and Horizon Worlds by Meta. We have already facilitated metaverse collaborations that range from in-game players wearing virtual branded T-shirts to in-platform viewing parties and challenges.”

IZEA first brought augmented reality product placement to influencer marketing in 2017 to distribute virtual products to influencers for photos and videos through IZEAx. The company has since worked directly with a leading social media platform to promote the use of branded augmented reality lenses through influencers. Augmented reality, virtual reality, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies will converge in the metaverse.

To open up the opportunities influencers are seeking in the metaverse and beyond, IZEA recently hired Ross Yellowlees as General Manager of Emerging Markets. Since then, IZEA has added Rob Crumpler as Senior Client Partner, Head of Industry for Blockchain. The company is in the process of hiring incremental team members to support brand customers. In addition, IZEA technology platforms will be increasing support for metaverse collaborations and measurement throughout 2022.

“In addition to virtual worlds, the explosion in the popularity of NFTs also creates an opportunity for marketers to collaborate with up-and-coming digital artists, producing branded assets that may be proudly displayed in the virtual environments of the metaverse in the future,” Murphy continued. “IZEA will facilitate the creation of NFTs for brands on popular platforms such as OpenSea and Rareable, using our network of influencers to promote the listings through traditional social media channels.”

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