IZEA Announces Official Launch of BrandGraph Social Intelligence Platform

IZEA Worldwide, Inc., operator of IZEAx, the premier online marketplace connecting brands and publishers with influential content creators,  announced the official launch and general availability of BrandGraph, a new social intelligence software platform for social media marketers. BrandGraph is designed to provide brands with in-depth analysis and performance benchmarking of social media content. It allows marketers to understand who is talking about their brand, what they are saying, and how brands measure up against their competitive set through a myriad of unique performance standards. BrandGraph offers marketers a first of-its-kind analysis of share-of-voice, engagement benchmarking, category spending estimates, influencer identification, and sentiment analysis.

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The platform maps and classifies the complex hierarchy of corporation-to-brand relationships by category and associates social content with brands through a proprietary content analysis engine. The engine currently processes over 400 million pieces of content across over 4.5 million influencers globally. It aggregates and analyzes content data to provide insights for marketers across their competitive landscapes and surfaces that data through dashboards as well as dynamic reports.

BrandGraph Data includes:

  • Share of Voice
  • Content Volume Rankings
  • Top Content by Engagement Count & Rate
  • Relative Category Content Volume
  • Influencer Sponsorship Activity for Competitive Set
  • Sponsored Content Composition
  • Engagement Counts Over Time
  • Associated and Tangential Brands
  • Content Sentiment Analysis
  • Influencer Engagement Pyramid
  • Brand Super Fans
  • Top Organic and Sponsored Influencers

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“After a successful beta period, IZEA began offering paid access BrandGraph licenses to select brands and agencies in mid-February. We signed a brand-new Fortune 500 customer in the first few weeks of offering the service,” said Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO of IZEA. “The feedback we have received from marketers has been incredibly positive. We have created a software platform that fills a meaningful void in our space, and believe it will become an even more powerful tool for marketers over time.”

In addition to the standalone application, BrandGraph data classification is integrated within IZEAx Unity Suite and IZEAx Discovery at no added cost to IZEAx customers. IZEAx leverages BrandGraph to analyze millions of social media accounts and visualizes that data through the VizSearch influencer discovery tool.

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