Launching on November 11th

Blockchain based platform set to revolutionize social media is officially launching on November 11th, with influencers and content creators salivating at the potential the platform offers. is a decentralized network democratizing social media, offering a platform where the community makes the decisions. They decide platform policies, what features to develop and how to promote the platform.

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Why change had to come

Since social media began the platform creators have been tightening their grip of control over the users. Dictating what people can post, talk about or create. All this while making billions per year from advertising, user content and selling user data to the highest bidders. The people have been demanding change and the opportunity to take back control of their social media. has been created to give them exactly that.

How differ

  • Nafty give the powers to the users
  • Users have the ability to monetize their content from day one
  • Simple to use marketing tools to promote content and grow following easily
  • The platform accepts cryptocurrency rewarding the whole community
  • No more extreme content censorship or account deletions

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The platforms

With a fan site and NFT marketplace, users will find it easy to monetize their content while being able to promote the content to their fans. Whereas other social media sites restrict creators from linking their paid content to their following not only encourages the promoting of content, but with their built in marketing tools, make it incredibly simple too. Users have simple ways to increase earnings through various revenue streams, and being on the blockchain all sales are final and immediate. No fraudulent chargebacks, no withholding of earnt money for months. Immediate payment, what users have earned they receive, straight away.

Accepting cryptocurrency means both creators and fans alike will benefit not only from hugely reduced fees, but the entire community are rewarded when the token is used. Unlike other sites who are controlled by payment companies, using cryptocurrency with the upcoming NaftyPay payment solution eliminates any risk of creators having their livelihoods ripped away from them.

What’s Next?

Nafty has been working on their platforms for years, listening to the changes people want and creating the solutions to their problems. users will be able to sell merchandise in their own ecommerce shop, mint and sell NFT’s in a few easy clicks, generate income from live streams, and all this using Nafty Token and the NaftyPay payment solution.