AdParlor Introduces First AI-Powered Technology to Enhance Social Media Advertising Effectiveness

Investing in social media is not a viral content marketing strategy anymore. Marketers are taking serious efforts to leverage this platform to create enriching customer engagement and make predictive analytics on user behavior. Success in social media marketing, however, becomes ominous with the addition of the sixth element of MarTech –Artificial Intelligence (AI). AdParlor, the leading all-in-one shop for social media advertising platform, announced world’s first AI-powered analytical capability to test ad effectiveness.

Branded as Intelligence Tags™, AdParlor’s latest advertising technology offering will enable advertisers to analyze the effectiveness of social advertising campaigns across a range of social ads, including images, videos, as well unique formats such as GIFs, cinema-graphs, canvas ads, and text. The technology is initially available for Facebook and Instagram campaigns but will be extended to Pinterest and Snapchat in the near future.

How Intelligence Tags™ works

The Intelligence Tags feature scans the contents of images and videos and automatically tags elements. In addition to the automatic tags, advertisers can add their own custom tags to any asset. The system then analyzes those tags across an advertiser’s entire library to understand what elements perform best.

The system uses deep learning so it continues to improve based on ongoing usage,” – David Strang, Product Manager at AdParlor

“The process to measure creative effectiveness in digital is seriously broken,” said Ben Legg, Chief Executive Officer at AdParlor. “Copy testing is a slow, expensive process and the traditional A/B testing that is useful to help to understand the ‘what’ does nothing to help clients understand the ‘why’ when looking at effectiveness. This solves that problem.”

By introducing Intelligence Tags™, AdParlor aims to take the guesswork out of knowing what elements of each creative work and why. Insights range from product analysis, background, color, copy, and the contents of an image all through advanced visual analysis.

Video Advertising on Social Media: All About Customer Experience

AdParlor, founded in 2011, offers a powerful reporting interface to clients accessing data across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Marketers can test the health of their ad campaigns using single-click A/B testing tool – AdParlor Creation Tool. The New York-based social also delivers cutting-edge MarTech stack for “Play It Right” video marketing campaigns. 2017 – slated to be the “Year of AI in Customer Experience”, AdParlor offers unprecedented customization and uncompromised brand safety, viewability and transparency across growing brand proprietary for each campaign.

For social media video advertising and marketing, AdParlor’s latest AI technology could very well make the difference between obsolete and flawless ad experience.

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