VuePlanner® Extends Contextual Targeting Platform for YouTube Advertisers to Podcasts

There are 116 million monthly podcast listeners as of March 2021, brands and agency investment teams can now tap into that audience with VuePlanner’s curated podcast categories.

VuePlanner®, a contextual, data-driven YouTube campaign performance solution, today announces the extension of its capabilities to podcasts on the entertainment platform.

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Podcast content is uploaded to YouTube when the artists film their audio recording session. These videos can come in the form of full-length episodes, clips, highlights, or animations. Podcasters are choosing to expand into the YouTube platform in order to grow their audience and diversity their content.

“As we launch for podcasts, there is nearly $842 million in podcast advertising and rapidly growing,” said John Cobb, CEO of VuePlanner. “Podcasts is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment and information. It has grown nearly 40% in the last 3 years.”

VuePlanner now features a custom-curated taxonomy of YouTube podcast inventory, giving advertisers the ability to extend their current podcast strategies with the power of video messaging and the massive reach of YouTube.

VuePlanner for podcasts enables brands and agency investment teams to curate custom content collections on podcast YouTube videos. VuePlanner has pre-vetted 13 podcast categories to help media buyers effectively and efficiently buy YouTube, which is also the single biggest source of non-subscription advertising supply in the space reaching more 18-49 years old viewers.

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Pre-vetted podcast genres include true crime, parenting, comedy, and many more. These podcast genres represent $29 million in new video inventory every month.

Overall, VuePlanner has forecasted more than 480 million views on YouTube podcast inventory that are contextually relevant, brand-suitable YouTube collections for advertisers to not only plan campaigns directly, but also to extend and amplify messages spanning events, such as podcasting and programmatic video.

VuePlanner is dedicated to growing and evolving with their clients and the YouTube platform. Podcast targeting is just one example of how an agency partner can make a suggestion and the VuePlanner team develops a solution. Their team works tirelessly to ensure all campaigns are as successful as possible, even if that means developing new targeting criteria to resolve an issue a client is facing.

VuePlanner is a verified partner in the YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP). With proprietary technology that identifies contextually relevant content and provides quality scoring and ongoing placement monitoring, VuePlanner is verified by YouTube as a partner for brand suitability & contextual targeting.

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