Sparkseeker Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

The new social media app created to support emotional wellness and inspire action is set to launch Summer 2022

Sparkseeker, a new social media app providing a healthy alternative to current platforms, today announced the launch of its crowdfunding campaign and private beta testing phase. Sparkseeker’s transformative platform harnesses the power of community to support personal growth and inspire action, and its video-centric model that uses responsible technology eliminates invasive data practices and harmful like and follow culture.

Sparkseeker is intentionally built using neuroscience findings to deepen meaningful human connection and support emotional wellness. Within the Sparkseeker community there are no “users,” only “Seekers,” who co-create global change from the moment they sign up through Sparkseeker’s commitment to giving back to high impact organizations through every subscription.

“Sparkseeker is built to benefit its Seekers, rather than the other way around. We’ll never target you, invade your privacy, or distort your reality through the app.”

“Our goal was to make it simple, safe and fun for people to show up for themselves and their communities,” says Kalista Zackhariyas, CEO and Founder of Sparkseeker. “Social media holds the power to bring millions of people together to co-create real, meaningful change – so we decided to build it. The average person spends three plus hours a day online with no tangible gain. What if we could inspire people to reclaim that time to benefit their lives and the world around them?”

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In addition to its mission of sparking change, Sparkseeker sets itself apart by fully eliminating the like/follow culture and anonymity of the keyboard, two features that are proven to worsen cyberbullying and breed divide. The minimal subscription fee frees the app of the need for invasive data practices that lead to stimulus addiction and division, so Seekers can fully control their experience on Sparkseeker.

“Social media is not going anywhere. We leverage the power it holds and built a solution that responsibly uses technology to prioritize overall wellness in the digital experience,” Zackhariyas continues. “Sparkseeker is built to benefit its Seekers, rather than the other way around. We’ll never target you, invade your privacy, or distort your reality through the app.”

Beyond posting content, or “Sparks,” Seekers can engage with its three unique features. With no follow culture, these features are how Seekers connect with each other and build community.

  • ‘Spark Initiatives’ are conversation starters. Engaging themes bring Seekers together on a wide range of topics.
  • ‘Spark Action’ empowers Seekers to inspire others to create meaningful change in the real world.
  • ‘Campfires’ are how we build community. In a one-of-a-kind video-centric live discussion, Seekers join a Campfire to connect on common interests, learn, brainstorm solutions to problems, and co-create change.

Sparkseeker is fully built and ready to launch worldwide. The company is seeking to raise funds by July 28th, 2022, to support this goal. Contributions made to the campaign will help fund growing a community of Seekers, sustain infrastructure to scale and support growth, improve the app and Seeker experience, and deliver on the Sparkseeker vision.

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