Tips on Creating Instagram Story Highlights to Showcase Your Local Business source( Fishbat)

Instagram Story Highlights are a powerful tool that can help companies attract new followers, increase overall sales and add value to their online profile. Internet marketing agency, fishbat, shares several creative ways business owners and managers can use Instagram Stories to showcase their company.

  • Advertise Different Product Categories or Collections. Retailers or brands can group their Instagram Story Highlights according to different product categories or collections. For example, apparel companies can make separate Instagram Story Highlights for their men’s and women’s apparel. Brands can also make Instagram Story Highlights to reveal the arrival of new products, feature top selling products, or promote holiday lines. Remember to include a link to the specific product page so followers can easily find the product and make a purchase.
  • Share Positive Customer Reviews. Use Instagram Story Highlights to share your company’s positive customer reviews. Look for users who are raving about your company online and take screenshots of their reactions. Ask if you have their permission to share it on your company’s official Instagram account. If they say yes, post the screenshots in an Instagram Story Highlight and tag them in it. Gather at least five to ten reviews and publish it with links to the exact products or services they mentioned so users can swipe up to be redirected to your website. This type of user-generated content can help boost sales and can improve your brand image since it will make your company seem more authentic and personable.

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  • Cross Promote Other Social Media Channels. Instagram Story Highlights can also direct users to your other social media channels. Create an Instagram Story Highlight to promote a newly released YouTube video or a recent blog post from your company’s website. Mention your Facebook Group or add a link to a relevant Pinterest board. When you use Instagram Story Highlights to cross-promote different social media platforms, you can bring in additional web traffic and help your audience discover something new.
  • Publish a Product Tutorial or Give Tips. Educate your followers on how to use a product or service by using an Instagram Story Highlight to publish an official tutorial. Develop a series of videos and photos that give step-by-step instructions. As users tap through the story, they will learn more about your products and how they can use it once they make a purchase. The tutorial or tips should be memorable, provide value and be relevant to your brand or industry.
  • Showcase Sales and Promotions. Publicize an important sales promotion or campaign with several Instagram Story Highlights. Remember to add links to specific products that are on sale and provide additional information on how long the promotion will last. Include discount codes if available.

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  • Highlight Upcoming Special Events and Partnerships. Businesses that partner with other brands or influencers can highlight their relationships by having them take over their Instagram Story Highlights for a certain amount of time. For example, an influencer can be in charge of curating different images and videos and create a collection for a day. Or another brand can take over your company’s Instagram Story Highlights for a whole week. Besides revealing brand partnerships, you can also use the Instagram feature to promote upcoming special events your company plans to attend or host.
  • Give Followers More Background Information About Your Business. Your company can use Instagram Story Highlights to share more background information about the business. Share images that show everyday life at the corporate office or videos of team meetings can give your followers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how the company operates behind the scenes. Create Instagram Story Highlights with links to specific employee bios or the website’s about page to help build trust with your followers.

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